My unexpected life

If I were to talk about my previous decade, it was nothing but full of contradictions.

Today, at the end of the decade, I am doing things, that I thought I would never do.

One of the things about life is, it always throws surprises at us and so did my life.

At the begining of the decade in 2009, I was in the second year of my LL.B, determined that I would never practice law. I initially intended to pursue law, only for the sake of knowledge and not to be a practising lawyer. I participated in all the competitions during my college times, and also was doing my internship with a law firm, Just because I did not want to practice !!

Ironically, today, I am a practising lawyer with my own independent practice. Somehow, it was mainly due to the faith of two people in my life, my guru, My College Pricipal Prof. N.M.Rajadhyaksha Sir and my former Senior Adv. N.S.Nappinai. Strange but somehow they always believed that I had all the qualities to be a good lawyer despite me unable to identify it within myself. Sometimes, we do need good Mentors or Gurus who can show us the right path in our lives and take out the best from us. In the last decade if these two people, would have not entered into my life, I would have been that clueless person still trying hard to find my way through life.

I was always this strong, independent girl, during my college days and often came across too much head strong, that nobody wanted to mess with. I was often more friendly with the guys because they often considered me as one of them. I could never be a part of the gossip gang, discussing nail polish or bitching about somebody’s affairs or thinking about the next receipe or boasting about my cooking skills.

Therefore in the early years of the decade, I was often labelled as a Non Marriageable Material. Trust me no matter, how much you externally show that it is cool to have that label, internally it hurts a lot. To add to it, I had bad skin, was on the heavier side and taller than most Indian Women.

I did not bother about them, lost my weight by taking out 8 months just for the welfare of my body and mind. (trust me it was the best time and it prepared me for life). Once I was strong enough mentally and physically, I happily entered into matrimony.

Because of all these comments, I had thought, that I would try to get married until I reach 35, if not then adopt a girl child and settle down quietly. May be God had other plans, Today I am 33, mother to a loving son and cute daughter with an ever supportive husband with me.

The Non Marriageable Material today has her own family.

Writing was always a deeply hidden desire, but I never thought that I would pursue it as a profession. I always wanted to be an author, but was clueless how to do it. I undertook the biggest risk of my life and self published my book but I miserably failed to market the same. Why the biggest risk? I put down my entire savings, which I had in the last few years on the book. Now I am working on my second book and will market it well and hopefully will not repeat the same mistake.

Career wise, I am happy because the challenges that were thrown in by life and people made me a much better and a smarter professional. I am happy that I quit my job at the right time and was lucky enough that all the calculated risk worked out for me.

This past decade was not perfect but was with full of Changes. Some changes taught me to be strong, some changes made me weak. The best part about this decade is that it made me a better person.

Some takeaways that Life gave me in the past Decade,

  • Its ok to be weak, vulnerable and emotional, as long as you emerge more stronger.
  • Expect the unexpected and face them bravely,
  • My biggest weakness was fear on what would people say, now a days I don’t care about what people think and therefore, I managed to reduce my unnecessary physical and emotional stress;
  • Change is the only constant thing;
  • I realised the importance of physical health and mental health at a very big cost, today I nourish my mind and body equally;
  • I am strong enough and no I am not ashamed to be strong and independent.
  • I learnt to challenge myself every single day instead of comparing my status with others;
  • Finally learnt to appreciate small things in life;
  • Everything is a phase, so I am much more patient that the time will change now.

There have been major mishaps and tragedies but I learnt from them and survived. Instead of crying about them today, I want to consider them just as a phase.

The most important part , I learnt to love myself and accept my strength and weaknesses and I am not scared to declare it that I am Happy and Content in my life.

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71 thoughts on “My unexpected life

  1. soniadogra

    Hi Aishwarya. This is my first time on your bLog and well what a strong willed person you are! You rose well above all challenges, had the courage to take risks and work for yourself. I wish you luck with the next book and for the next decade!


  2. shail

    I can absolutely relate to your experiences. I am a lawyer myself and had the same opinion that I would never practice. I think we lawyers have the tag of non marriagable on us 😝😝. But proving people wrong is what we do!! Today I am happily married practising with a firm and have my own blog. So happy to see I am not the only lawyer who felt this way.


  3. shail

    Hi!! I can so relate to your post I myself am a lawyer and throughout the college convinced myself I will never practice. But today I am happily practising with a firm amd havey own blog also. Your principles are so encouraging!! Hope you have a great decade ahead with your practice and blogging!!!


  4. Janaki

    Hey, Aishwarya. What a sweet post. I believe in destiny and come what may we cannot change that. And so I also believe that when we are destined for something we will surely be less there, no matter how. So….good to read your post. We all change over time, learn and grow. I guess that’s what’s life’s all about.


  5. Swarnali Nath

    I am glad to know that you had a mentor and a Guru in your life which I always lacked in my alma mater. Whatever you may think of life, it will take you on its own way, absolutely. Like my career life is also taking a u turn right now. I wish you luck for this new decade. 🙂


  6. Swarnali Nath

    I am glad to know that you had a mentor and a Guru in your life. You know, whatever you may think of doing in life, it always take you in its own way absolutely. I am also taking a u turn in my career. Best wishes for this decade. 🙂


  7. jaya1966

    Kudos on this post which gives us an insight into your life up close and personal. You seem to have taken on every challenge thrown your way by destiny head on and emerged stronger. You are definitely a courageous and brave individual.


  8. Harjeet Kaur

    That’s a heart pouring post-Aishwarya. I have learnt only one thing this past decade and that is….all of us women go through a trial by fin=re and we come out winners! Keep up the spirit and never give up. All the best for the next decade…may it shower happiness all around.


  9. shivanisalil

    You were fortunate to have wonderful mentors and you’ve lived upto their expectations. You are an inspiration for so many.May you grow from strength to strength and have a wonderful 2020


  10. Pashmeena Chowdhary

    It was a very lovely post..You were very lucky to have your mentors who believed in you and you eventually did so well in your life..Am very happy to see your strong will…Best of luck for your new book…


  11. Priyanka Naik

    Thank you for the virtual time travel thrpugh your amazing journey of
    the last decade. What made it even more beautiful is the takeaway
    lessons it gave you…especially the one on self love.

    Self love is the greatest form of love, and it is only when we learn
    to love ourselves despite ourselves (read ‘our flaws’), can we say
    that we are ready for real progress!
    I am glad that worked for you 🙂

    Stay blessed!


  12. Arushi

    A writer and a lawyer and a wonderful attitude is undoubtedly a great combination and you have it. When you can learn to love yourself and accept your strengths and weaknesses, you are already a successful person. I loved your post and all the best to you for your second book. 🙂


  13. Pr@Gun

    Wow, such a lovely writer lawyer you are.
    Even I had similar thoughts of not getting married, adopting a girl child but seems life is not what you decide, it happens the way it has to. You are really lucky to have supporting and motivating mentor, guru, and friends alongside, they are the biggest strength. I liked the title – my unexpected life, but then you made it a journey to cherish. The takeaways of decade are worth reading and introspecting for all. You took this unexpected and paved better ways out of it, much happiness and success to you.


  14. Varsh

    You may call yourself headstrong but I see it as determination. You lived life on your terms and changed only when you wanted. I’m happy that you’re doing something you’re so good at and have the love and support of so many good people around you.


  15. Amrendra Sinha

    Well narrated journey. Honest feelings of yours connects well with readers. All the best for your future endeavors


  16. Archana

    Hey Aishwarya kudos to you girl, ultimate sharing of a decade gone by you, indeed an imspiration to many, best thing you came out as a winner. It’s good to know more about you.Many wishes for coming decades.


  17. deepsreflections

    Loved your writing.. so warm and heartfelt.. the way you described your personal journey is amazing. The takeaway at the end are the icing on the cake.. all the best for your second book.


  18. Disha

    Tough time don’t last, tough people do! This is so apt for you as you have broken the stereotypes set for you and are leading a happy content life. Liked the lessons from your take on the decade.


  19. N C

    Hi Aishwarya, I landed up reading your blog through the Blog hop we are doing together hosted by Manas and Rashi. I liked reading your unexpected life and the happy things you experienced in the past decade. I am sure like me you also believe that life is full of unexpected surprises. I am 36 unmarried and I wish to get married before I turn 40, family says I am making 40 the new 20 – but I am open to surprises, who knows I may get married before summer of 2020. I am very positive person and you too look like one for me.


  20. jaya1966

    You come across as a very determined individual who does not hesitate to face life’s challenges head on and emerge stronger. Your post gives us a look at you up close and personal. An excellent post in which you have told us about yourself very succinctly.


  21. Monika

    Good to know about you . Glad that you are happily accepting your mistakes and don’t worry about what others say now . Best wishes to you . Love to your son


  22. Piya Gajbe

    Beautifully articulated. The whole journey and the crux of the journey in points, so well written. Honesty reaches out to the reader. All good wishes to you for future decades.


  23. hemasha

    So true, loving and accepting ourselves is the key to love and accept the world as it is. Loved to read your decade journey. best wishes for coming years…


  24. paviraman

    It’s not often that one is blessed with a strong sense of self and the will to spread kindness. I am awed at your resilience and honesty. You own your choices and rise above the naysayers.
    I hope your 2020 is joyous, fulfilling and every bit as amazing as you are!


  25. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    I felt that I had seen your journey after reading this post. and I would love to say that indeed you are a strong willed personality. I know, it feels really bad when people tag you with certain names or comment on your skin or other physical things. but I think at the end, it is our reaction and attitude is the thing that matters most. I am glad you had faced all these challenges bravely and achieve desired life goals.


  26. Zenobia Merchant

    A Rebel Child standing tall and strong and how. I loved the choice of words used and they definitely transported me through the last decade with your words. Loved that you followed your heart instead of societal norms.


  27. Deepika

    While reading this post, I was lost in the memories of my college days. I was almost the same, don’t like backbiting, bitching and gossiping at all. I just want to say sometimes life gives us unexpected surprises to make us a better person and take it out the best from us. Loved reading your journey.


  28. Wandering Soul

    Loved reading your post as it reminded me of myself. Not only was I a similarly headstrong girl who took no nonsense from boys and had no patience for gossip, but I too had an aversion to marriage. Still do. I was the chairperson, board members, treasurer, secretary and participating members of the Anti-Boyfriend Comittee in college. From all my friends, who were earlier members, anyone who got into a relationship and gained a boyfriend was unceremoniously thrown out. At one time, all my friends ganged up against me and threw me out too. Congratulations on having such a lovely family. It gives me hope for myself.
    Loved the list of takeaways more than anything.


  29. Debidutta Mohanty

    You are a strong lady with strong will power. At times life takes such turns that we never imagined. You rose above all challenges and emerged as a victor. Wish u luck for the next decade.


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