My unexpected life

If I were to talk about my previous decade, it was nothing but full of contradictions.

Today, at the end of the decade, I am doing things, that I thought I would never do.

One of the things about life is, it always throws surprises at us and so did my life.

At the begining of the decade in 2009, I was in the second year of my LL.B, determined that I would never practice law. I initially intended to pursue law, only for the sake of knowledge and not to be a practising lawyer. I participated in all the competitions during my college times, and also was doing my internship with a law firm, Just because I did not want to practice !!

Ironically, today, I am a practising lawyer with my own independent practice. Somehow, it was mainly due to the faith of two people in my life, my guru, My College Pricipal Prof. N.M.Rajadhyaksha Sir and my former Senior Adv. N.S.Nappinai. Strange but somehow they always believed that I had all the qualities to be a good lawyer despite me unable to identify it within myself. Sometimes, we do need good Mentors or Gurus who can show us the right path in our lives and take out the best from us. In the last decade if these two people, would have not entered into my life, I would have been that clueless person still trying hard to find my way through life.

I was always this strong, independent girl, during my college days and often came across too much head strong, that nobody wanted to mess with. I was often more friendly with the guys because they often considered me as one of them. I could never be a part of the gossip gang, discussing nail polish or bitching about somebody’s affairs or thinking about the next receipe or boasting about my cooking skills.

Therefore in the early years of the decade, I was often labelled as a Non Marriageable Material. Trust me no matter, how much you externally show that it is cool to have that label, internally it hurts a lot. To add to it, I had bad skin, was on the heavier side and taller than most Indian Women.

I did not bother about them, lost my weight by taking out 8 months just for the welfare of my body and mind. (trust me it was the best time and it prepared me for life). Once I was strong enough mentally and physically, I happily entered into matrimony.

Because of all these comments, I had thought, that I would try to get married until I reach 35, if not then adopt a girl child and settle down quietly. May be God had other plans, Today I am 33, mother to a loving son and cute daughter with an ever supportive husband with me.

The Non Marriageable Material today has her own family.

Writing was always a deeply hidden desire, but I never thought that I would pursue it as a profession. I always wanted to be an author, but was clueless how to do it. I undertook the biggest risk of my life and self published my book but I miserably failed to market the same. Why the biggest risk? I put down my entire savings, which I had in the last few years on the book. Now I am working on my second book and will market it well and hopefully will not repeat the same mistake.

Career wise, I am happy because the challenges that were thrown in by life and people made me a much better and a smarter professional. I am happy that I quit my job at the right time and was lucky enough that all the calculated risk worked out for me.

This past decade was not perfect but was with full of Changes. Some changes taught me to be strong, some changes made me weak. The best part about this decade is that it made me a better person.

Some takeaways that Life gave me in the past Decade,

  • Its ok to be weak, vulnerable and emotional, as long as you emerge more stronger.
  • Expect the unexpected and face them bravely,
  • My biggest weakness was fear on what would people say, now a days I don’t care about what people think and therefore, I managed to reduce my unnecessary physical and emotional stress;
  • Change is the only constant thing;
  • I realised the importance of physical health and mental health at a very big cost, today I nourish my mind and body equally;
  • I am strong enough and no I am not ashamed to be strong and independent.
  • I learnt to challenge myself every single day instead of comparing my status with others;
  • Finally learnt to appreciate small things in life;
  • Everything is a phase, so I am much more patient that the time will change now.

There have been major mishaps and tragedies but I learnt from them and survived. Instead of crying about them today, I want to consider them just as a phase.

The most important part , I learnt to love myself and accept my strength and weaknesses and I am not scared to declare it that I am Happy and Content in my life.

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  1. You are a strong lady with strong will power. At times life takes such turns that we never imagined. You rose above all challenges and emerged as a victor. Wish u luck for the next decade.


  2. Such an interesting life you have had in this decade. Doing things which you had not planned; achieving thing which you didn’t expect… that is what makes Life..Is it not? Here is wishing you for more such beautiful and memorable adventures in life 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I truly agree with you Aishwarya, our guru can foresee our future and the hidden talent in us. They tell us the things to take up which we don’t even think of. But at the end of the day, we are surprised by our ourselves


  4. I can so relate to this post because I have had similar moments. My learning has been that God has better plans for us than we have, he gives the best we deserve it’s just we need to learn the art of patience. I relate to your learnings too. Here’s wishing you an amazing next decade.


  5. Wow! This post talks about mentors and gurus, they do play an important role in guiding us. They see our set of skills and encourage us. Hope to read more, continue writing!


  6. Aishwarya, I know you for quite a while but didn’t know about your journey which has been really wonderful. I loved the lessons you have penned as it resonates with me totally. I love the line non-marriageable material has her own family 🙂 A lovely post.


  7. You have actually listed down a few points and learning of life that i couldn’t have in such a beautiful way. And like you, even i learnt to love myself in the last decade.


  8. Change is the only constant. And it is perfectly okay to be vulnerable and emotional. Some great life lessons there. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    My previous comments did not go through, trying to post again.


  9. Oh How I hate labels! And to be labelled something as a ‘non marriageable material’ is indeed very abhorrent. Your blog prompted me to think about the little ways this unkind world forces us to be harsh to ourselves. WE need more kindness. Kindness towards the others and most of all towards oneself! – Rohit Verma


  10. Sorrow and happiness are two sides of a coin. nobody is don’t know which time what happened in our life, so it depends on us how we deal with it. if we take it a positive way life journey will be sure smooth.


  11. I love your raw honesty in this post Aishwarya. It kept me riveted till the end. I had no idea that we share not one, but two professions- law and writing! Keep up the positive spirit and keep writing. I for sure will be buying your first and second books!


  12. I agree with you, having a good mentor is like a blessing and you are lucky to find two of them to guide you to the right direction in your career. Loved how you summarised your life’s learnings with so much positivity. I wish you all the best for your second book.


  13. Well, you definitely need good mentors in that beginning phase to get on track, some like you get the right help and at right time, Some don’t. I liked reading your decade mostly because of the way you iterated you learning process. The best part of this post was where you mentioned about change being constant. Change isn’t just constant, but also inevitable.


  14. Very nicely written. Your journey was definitely a roller costar but strength to stay strong is commendable. Best wishes.


  15. No soceity is as nosy as the indian when it comes to analysing the marital lives of other folks. But it does look like an amazing decade for you. A lawyer, a wife and a mothee. Kudos.


  16. Aishwarya you are a strong girl and your decade journey has taught you all goods of life. Just be you and live life to the fullest!! keep writing and inspiring!!


  17. Unexpected indeed. You have come a long way and so strongly. Remain the way you are and keep believing in yourself, rest everything will fall in its place. So nice to see you participate in our blog hop 🙂


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