A Year that was…2019, gains and pains..

We are just a few days away from the New Year and Facebook has already started reminding me about how my 2019 was. Well Facebook,there are a lot of things about my life, that you do not know and have transpired.

Every Year End, we always talk about the New Year Resolutions for the coming year, yet fail to appreciate the year that has passed away. This year was a memorable year and I feel that I need to write down those memorable moments so that I can cherish them whenever, I am free.

So here is my how my 2019 was. This is more to analyse my tasks, accomplishment and to celebrate achievements.


My Year began with bad Nausea as I was already in my second trimister with Saumya. I started this website in April 2018, but did not write seriously until the end of December 2018. So one of my New Years REsolution for 2019 was to write more. I am glad that atleast through out the year I was able to keep my Website more alive with writing atleast once a week on an average to using Social Media for marketing the same.

I am glad I had was able to get more Brand Collaborations for my website and Social Media handle. Therefore increasing my self cofidence.


This year I got the biggest gift of my life. My Daughter Saumya was born via C-Section on my Wedding Anniversary. We completed 6 years together and on the same day we were blessed with our adorable daughter, promoting Suraj to the post of elder brother.

So after a challenging delivery, due to low Haemoglobin, I finally got to hold my Baby girl in my arms. A long pending wish that was fulfilled.


I entered into quiet a few Blogging competitions this year. How did I manage it, even I am surprised ?

The most special Blogging Competition that I participated and won was Conducted by BlogAdda and Ariel. Why was it special ? It was a 4 week long competiton with 4 Blogs to be posted on the theme given by the Brand which co-incided with my delivery and the first few days of my motherhood . Using Technology at its best, helped me to win this. Click Here to know how I managed to do it.

Apart from that I won other 100 word stories conducted by momspresso and also quiet other few, which I almost lost track about.


This year, I finally took care of my physical and mental health consciously. I ensured that I keep my mind healthy so that my body is automatically healthy. Just like keeping a watch on the food that I eat. I am also consciously keeping in control of my thoughts, people that I am surrounded with and things I really want to focus about. Writing has helped me a lot in taking care of my mental health.

New House

Every Achievement is meant to be celebrated and a new and a Biggere House is definitely one of them. This year we shifted to our New Nest in Mumbai. I wake up to the beautiful view of coconut trees every morning and that is the best thing that could have happened to us. After a long search, since the past couple of years, we finally settled down on this one.

Expanding my Horizon

This year was overall better than my previous year and that is what is more important to me. I tried new things, like participating in different blog trains, attending different bloggers events, handling different clients. The best part of this year was, life threw challenges at me and I faced it boldly.

What I learnt this year ?

My life is totally under my control and not in the hands of those around me. I learnt to take control of situation, filter my thoughts and people, which was very important for me. I tried to battle against my old fears and succeeded to a certain extent.

I was not scared to test my own limits. Balancing three kids, One toddler, one infant and one website), was challenging but now I know how to find a solution to my own problems. One thing I learnt in 2019 is, my problems are mine alone, no matter how much anyone tries to help, I cannot come out of it, until and unless, I try it myself.

So here was a small snippet of my 2019. Hope 2020 is equally wonderful and helps me take a step towards my dream.

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The Copyright to this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any reproduction or immitation of the same, will amount to plagarism and will be punishable under the Indian Laws subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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