38 Reasons why I love you

You came into my life on 09th December 2012 at 3 pm, when we met at my house for an arranged marriage meeting. Those 45 minutes of meeting, changed my perspective about marriage and I decided to give it a shot at the biggest gamble of life called marriage. I must say, it is one of the best risk that I took in life. This marriage with 2 kids and you is the best phase of my life.

There are a million reasons on why I love you but hereunder are a few shortlisted ones, which I dont mind sharing it with you and the world.

You are the Best Dad for our kids.

You bring out the best in me and the kids

Before marriage you promised me a life size Teddy Bear and you became one for me yourself.

You gave me the life security that I always wanted.

You are an awesome Son, brother and Son-In- Law

You made me a much calmer and a better person.

You have immense patience to tolerate anything.

You provide me with spicy corporate gossip and I love our discussion on the same.

You stood like a rock when I was badly into Post Partum Depression.

You bought me out of the Depression only with your love and confidence.

You gave me the freedom to chase my dreams and respected it.

You are my personal censor board and Proof Reader.

You never get angry at the kids, I don’t know how you do it.

You eat whatever I serve you

I never had to take efforts to look good, I could go around in PJs and messy bun with you

You took care of my first love, food love.

I am making an attempt to be a wife and a mother, something I never thought I could be.

You tolerate my clumsiness, which even I cannot tolerate.

You are a trustworthy secretkeeper.

You danced with me, even though you are not fond of it.

You are my personal stylist and I am dressed much better now.

Whenever you have taken a video or image for a competition, I have won it.

Your prescence calms me down even in the most stressful situations.

I am not scared of a lot of things now, thanks to you.

You are a mind reader and can literally sense my mood.

You don’t give away to my tantrums.

Even when I did not believe in this website, you always believed in me.

You never said no to anything that I ask for. (I don’t know how you manage it).

You made my dream life come true.

You are ready for a selfie even in traffic jams.

You gave me happiness in simple things.

You taught me life is more than Social Media PDA.

You taught me love need not be expressed in words but in gestures.

You never forced me to do anything like symbolism of marriage.

You respect my choice and space.

You gave me the most precious gift our kids.

Your social skills are amazing, something that I can never have.

You are more than a guide, friend, philisopher, mentor.

I blindly trust you.

So these are a few reasons that I could list, on why I love you. Though the reasons are endless, I did not want to make the post more boring. Wishing you Happy Birthday once again and may all your wishes come true.

Ok. No standarad cross link post for this one.

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