Tom and Jerry, who made my life awesome

Cartoons are an integral part of our lives. Anyone and everyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, saw our first cartoon on Doordarsh. Unlike today, we had limited time to watch cartoon, which would be telecast only in the evenings and sunday mornings.

Duck Tales, Uncle Scrooge, Tales Spin etc, Tom and Jerry are the few cartoons that we would desperately wait for it to see the cartoons. A few short episodes of a story of a cat and mouse, without dialogues, made our day. It was not just slapstick comedy, but a journey, which entertained us. Their little mischieves, loads of planning to get over each other and their little achievements, kept us on our toes.

They did not have dialogues, yet conveyed a lot of messages and tickled our ribs. Tom and Jerry, were the first friends that we had. Every other sibling was referred to as Tom and Jerry, when they would fight, because for Tom and Jerry they loved each other yet never left an opportunity to trouble each other. And how we were all in awe with Tom’s beautiful girlfriend, who would show up in some episodes and hate his friends. Even though the friendship between Jerry and Spike was strong, that did not mean Tom was left alone.

We all fell in love with Cats, thanks to Tom Cat. Subsequently, when Cartoon Network came to India, post the opening of Satellite Television, We could see more of Tom and Jerry. A few years ago, Tom and Jerry went 3D on our Televisions, better in visuals but somehow weaker in script. It did not make me laugh as much as before. Yet I never leave an opportunity to watch the show again and again. No matter the number of cartoons that come up Tom and Jerry are my all time favourite.

Which is your all time favourite Cartoon that you can watch N number of times.

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