A Complete Family Picture

Once again, I came across this image in one of the Facebook Groups. I am not sure, but what the post said was, that before passing away due to complications in child birth, the woman had one last desire, to have a complete family picture. The husband had ensured that his wife’s last wish was fulfilled.

Yes. It is a photoshopped image but it does speak millions of things about how, what may have been a simple wish, turned tragic, yet this husband managed to fulfill it for his wife. Thanks to technology.

Death during childbirth may happen to an unfortunate one in a million and sadly it happened to this couple. Celebrities may have glamourised the hospital selfie or the complete family picture while getting discharged from the hospital but this image does play an important part in the lives of an individual. From the time a woman conceives, she weaves a millions of dreams along with her child and one of them is her first image with her husband and child.

Yes. It may seem a bit unfair to the parents but for a woman her complete family is her husband and child. It is that particular moment that makes her feel eternally happy. Yes. the several comments that I am going to get down is that we never did it during our times, this is a new show etc etc. Yes, it may be a new trend but there is no harm in preserving that one particular moment when you feel complete in life.

What I loved the most about this picture was somebody taking an extra effort to preserve what could have been the most tragic moment of their lives into the most treasured and a memorable one.

This image also shows how fragile and unpredictable life is but that does not mean, we should not wait for a moment and try and hold time for the prescence of our beloved.

No amount of photoshop or any technology may be physically able to bring back her soul, but it just gives our heart some assurance that this is how it would have looked if she was present.

The author of the original image is unknown and therefore I am unable to give credit for the same. If you know the source please do let me know.

The copyright of this Article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any copying or reproduction of the same would amount to plagarism and would invite appropriate legal action as per the Indian Laws, subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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  1. Yes, even I noticed this image floating around on social media with the background story and it’s touching. We should never let a moment pass just like that, we should always be thankful.


  2. I read two heart touching posts from your side in a day! Really, this picture is speaking a lot! I pray to God that every family cherish this moment and save in their memories as a precious gift.


  3. This is so heart touching. No one can replace his loss. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post.


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