This image may be disturbing for some people, where as for I am sure a lot of women can relate to this.

This is an image of a mother post C- Section. With her Medicines on, bleeding as usual, a C- Section stich, sleepless eyes, uneasiness, new breastfeeding mother and millions of hope but a content heart.

As society, we love to judge anyone and everyone around us. That is like our birth right without knowing their pain or emotions. Same is the case with a C-Section mother. People will get all emotional and personal as if they have undergone the surgery themselves.

Our society never fails to sympathise with a C- Section mother and make her feel as if she has commited a crime. Whether you give birth via C- Section or Vaginal Delivery, you are a mother to your child. MAny people call this process as a money making technique for doctors and also call the younger generation as lazy, why because we are unable to bear the pain of a normal delivery. Really !! Like when did bearing physical pain become a criteria for becoming a good mother.

Though there are some cases of doctors, wherein they had forced the mothers to go for a C- Section by tricking them into it. Simultaneously, we fail to understand that a lot of time, it is an absolute medical necessity. We moved from grinding stones to Mixer Grinder, Washing clother by hand to Washing Machines for our own convenience, yet when there is a procedure that will ease the birthing procedure for a lot of women. I am not supporting C – section procedure but just asking you to understand that sometimes medical intervention is necessary.

Our society is unjust to a mother from the day she becomes one. They expect her to be the best, without considering her as a human being who can also err. It takes a village to raise a child, yet when the child commits a mistake, it is entirely the fault of the mother.. That is the day, when Irony died a million death.

So the moral of the story, we are already going through a lot. If you cannot empathise or understand us, then please do not judge us or make our lives more hell.

I had low haemoglobin during my second pregnancy and we had already prepared for additional blood. I was monitored every hour for excessive bleeding. When everyhour, your family is asked to go outside and doctors and nurses check you, you sometimes feel that your privacy is invaded but then that is the necessity. I desperately wanted to sleep but somehow sleep was miles away that day.

We had lost a relative, during child birth due to excessive bleeding. It was almost about 30 years ago.

Strange, our society prepares us for everything, but yet forgets to discuss some of the most crucial aspects, which it ought to. I was very lucky that my doctors were careful and we took all the precautions, before hand. Unfortunately, same is not the case with a lot of women in India. Instead of scaring a new mother, if we all openly share our own experiences in a good way, it will probably help a lot of other women.

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