Legend of the Blue Sea

So, one fine day, I happened to come across a small clip on facebook, where a good looking south asian man was buying a pair of shoes for a girl in the mall. What attracted me, was the innoncence of the girl and the command of the boy. While scrolling through the comments, I came to know that this scence was from the Korean Drama – Legend of the Blue Sea.

Immediately, I logged onto YouTube and hunted down for the videos of the same with english subtitles of course.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is a love story between Sim Choeng a Mermaid and Hoe Joon Jae a Conman, who meet in Spain and their love story continues in Seoul. Their story is not only from this birth but they are two reincarnated souls, where previously Hoe Joon Jae a Village Head Kim Dam Ryeong and Shim Choeng was Mermaid Se – hwa during the Joseon Era.

It is a fantasy, Romantic drama, between two people from an entirely different world. The way a Mermaid tries to live and understand the way of living of a human being. The emotions that we human beings go through, the greed to kill and the greed to live for someone else, is the only way I can describe this Drama. Though this drama is set in two different time period, the time travel does not make it cringe worthy or pathetic. Infact, the stories are beautifully interviened.

Their love story makes us believe that true love is all about patience and reading your partners mind and emotions. But also shows on how a person gets frustrated when they cannot understand the other person. The challenges faced by this couple are not ordinary, as a son of a rich business man turned into a Con Man, Hoe Joon Jae has got his share of enemies and challenges. He just had one aim in life to search for his mother, who had left him with his father and step mother.

The best part about the drama is Hoe Joon Jae or Lee Min Ho, who has now become my latest crush. Simply for the reason, that because The characters look very real and very relateable unlike the Indian Television Drama, where excessive of expressions and emotions are added. Yes, this is a fiction and therefore, there are some loopholes in the same but I still love this love story because probably it did not set up any unrealistic expections. To be so strong willed to hold on to a person, despite knowing that your memory may be completely wiped off by someone, is what I define love.

True love is not about looking your best or gifting each other expensive gifts or showoff on social media. True Love is all about protecting each other, with all the power they have against all the odds. Selflessly loving each other despite knowing you are from different world. True love is going against the tide, the destined fate and changing it completely with your will power.

Even if we do not know that Mermaids exist or not or if life repeats itself or if we are really reincarnated. This is one of the best Drama series to watch for entertainment.

Copyright of this Article belongs exclusively to Aishwarya Sandeep. Any imitation or reproduction of the same will amount to Plagarism and will invite action under the appropriate laws in India.

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