Want to learn DIY Activities with your children?

This Momma Sangeeta Yadav, shows you how you can make DIY activities with your children. DIY activities are a great way to increase your child’s hand and eye co-ordination and also to engage them. DIY activites with your child is also a good way to bond with them while increasing their cognitive skills.

1. Tell us about your professional background and what do you presently do ?

 I am an business graduate with post graduation degree in rural marketing.Presently I am a Mommy Blogger .I run my page FUTAPP(means fun tapping with Nino ) related to kids DIY educational and developmental activities.Its a  simple platform where i have tried to make parents life simpler through easy to set up hands on activities for toddlers and preschoolers plus DIY toys and fun games.

2. Tell us about your family .

 I am mommy to a 3 years old boy .Ours is a nuclear family living in Nasik. My extended family lives in NCR.

3. How is life different now ? How was your life pre motherhood?

Life is totally different now . Everything revolves around this little fellow.

4. What instigated you to start your own venture? How many people you have in your team?

 When this little fellow was growing to keep him busy in a productive way I started making DIY activities for him rather then buying all the toys from market and filling his room .Now a days we see toddlers are more engaged with their phones and tablets than their environment.It’s the sad reality and I wanted to change it for my child.I wanted to channelizing all his energy  into something creative.My  goal was pretty simply,I just  want to help parents create memorable childhoods and that  too  while having fun.That’s how I started FUTAPP. Currently only I handle Futapp.

5. How do you manage to make your videos ? 

 I make all my videos myself while this little fellow is at his creative best. I make all my videos using a sturdy and flexible holder which I bought on amazon .Then I shoot them using some app and add music with help of VivaVideo.I plan a little bit before shooting because I am not a pro at video editing and if I plan so I have to edit less.

6. What is the role of Social Media in the promotion of your App?

 I would say it’s big and bigger now because what I am doing today if I want to reach more mothers I have to be on social media to meet new like minded people.

7. What are your future plans?

 To reach out to more and more mothers to share my ideas with them to help them shape the tools and confidence they need to teach and learn with their babies in comforts of their homes.

8. Message for other Mommies ?

 I just want to tell all the mothers out their that this age of toddlers from 2-5 is very crucial for their development and we can’t ruin that with phones and tv’s  and we don’t need branded toys for a learning environment .All we need is some creative ideas and some efforts to give them the right start.

9. Who is your pillar of support. 

 My family off course. 

If you want to order any printables of any activity from her social media for your children, for free. Please email Sangeeta at ninosaysfutapp@gmail.com

You can find them on Social Media
 Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/craft4littlefingers/

YouTube– https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCl4Z3JcaK9EiRh6jwr8Mtow

Instagram- https://instagram.com/futapp_with_nino?r=nametag

The copyright of this Article Belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any copying or reproduction of the same will amount to Plagarism. Appropriate action will be taken under appropriate laws in India.Happy Reading.

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