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Until a few years ago, blogging as a profession was something that nobody would select. From the arrival of cheaper and faster internet, today, a lot of people have made an attempt to make blogging as a full time career. Blogging in simple terms means writing about your feelings or your thoughts but in an article format.

Hereunder are a few FAQ’s which people have in their minds, while starting a new blog:

So how is blogging different from writing an article ?

You generally blog about your opinion and interpretation about certain things in life or society. It need not always be based on facts but on interpretation of the circumstances. When you write an article, you are a third person and cannot express your opinion openly unlike a blog.

How to start a blog. ?

The first step to begin with blogging is to start writing. The freedom that blogging gives you, no other profession gives you. The idea behind blogging is to express yourself and therefore blogs have no particular format and is all about what you think. Determination to write and the consistency to maintain it is all you need. You can buy a domain from or any similar website or simply start with a website on Once you start writing, ideas will continously flow and then at a later stage you can you can purchase a domain name and structure your website.

How expensive is it to start a blog ?

It is not very expensive to start a blog. You can either blog on a website or use social media like Instagram or Facebook to blog. Yes these even blogging on social media has become a trend.

How can I earn from blogging

Well just like any business, it takes time to earn from blogging. It definately would not happen overnight. It would take about 6 to 8 months of consistent blogging to earn some revenue. One way to earn is through google ad sense, where you earn on the number of clicks that the ads on your page receives. The other way in which you can earn is through brands. Once you have certain set of audience, you can always pitch with the brands for sponsored articles.

How to reach the audience through blogging ?

One of the best ways is through social media, but there is also a technique to engage your audience. One of the best times to use social media is on wednesday, thursday and friday, as people are more active on those days. Never post a fresh article during the weekend, as that is the time, when the content uploaded on thursday and friday is still under circulation. Also one of the mistakes that I did was to rely on the my close circle and missed out on the actual audience who were interested on the content instead. Understand your target audience and then it would be easier to get more views for your blog.

Can I blog in any language ?

Yes you can. These days you can blog in any language and also set up Google Translate on your page, which will help your readers to the read the blog in their language. Just like I have done.

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  1. Hi Aishwarya
    This is quite impressive
    As am fond of writing aswell.
    But how to do it as a form of earming an income,don’t know much .


    1. Hi, there are different ways of earning through a blog. First and the foremost thing for the same is to write and create an audience. Later on you can earn from Brand Collaboration and google ads


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