Why I stopped going to Salon ?

The main reason why any person goes to a Salon is to pamper yourself and relax. Until a few years ago that exactly was my agenda also.

These days I barely go to the parlour to get my eye brows done. Simultaneously I cringe about my visit. One is due to long hours of waiting and spending the barely available time, which I can also utilise in sleeping. Second is the main reason that I am going to discuss here .

In India and also around the world. Beauty industry works totally on your insecurity. The more they are successful in making you insecure. The more they can sell the products. Just switch on any Television channel, atleast 3 out of 10 ads will be about fairness creams, which show how you cannot achieve anything in life because you are not fair. Fairness creams claim to be solution to all the problems in life,such as marriage, job etc etc.

So coming down to my reasoning. I know I have very bad skin, with tans, open pores, pimples, acne, you name it I have it. It is an accepted fact, that I do not have flawless skin. So even during the seldom trips that I make to the salon, the beauticians never leave an opportunity to make comments on my skin or hair. Girls please understand, we all have our own shares of miseries in our lives. The only reason why, atleast I visit a Salon is to relax my mind and my body. If you are going to touch my weak points again and again for the sake of your business. Sorry I am never going to step into your Parlour again.

Yes, there are times, when I desperately dread for a good facial, but the past comments of beauticians, make me take a U turn back home.

Sadly, we live in a country, which no matter how modern, is obsessed with fair skin colour. I do not mind taking care of my skin or pampering my skin. What really irritates me is when someone else tells me that it is mandatory that I need to use their products or services to survive. My identity is much beyond my skin colour and quality of my hair. It is in who I am.

So just a humble request to all the ladies who run beauty salon, please teach your staff to be polite and leave the option upon us to select, whether we really need a facial or not. Your facial may not give an immediate glow on my skin, but your compliment or even non interfearance may leave a smile on my face. I would still prefer to get a machine and do that facial myself, if you do not stop behaving arrongantly to sell your products.

This post was written after I was pissed off after going to a Salon for eyebrows. The episode once again repeated, wherein after threading the girl initiated a convo on if I do something for my skin.

As a mom of two, I just need long hours of sleep and a long shower. No amount of beauty treatment can beat these two.

I have nothing person against beauticians, but yes against the people who are mean to sell their services in the market.

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  1. I had also felt same situation so many times and I also had same amount of irritation with their nasty comments..sadly we can not change other people’s reactions but ya its not at all a pleasuring experience too.


  2. some people in the parlours can be really mean and they try to instill the fear how your skin is bad and hair is bad and unless you take the most expensive facial on their menu you cant survive. I have just grown a thicker skin and pretend deaf when i go to salons!


  3. Aah! The aggressive and pushy sales tactics by beauty salons! We all have experienced it! Being firm and confident helps or best don’t step into these rogue salons again!


  4. Totally agreed with you dear! Good hours of sleep plays a very important role. At the same time I think our skin needs some pampering too. Here Salon is not necessary we can do on our own with the kitchen products.


  5. Seriously ignore negative people.You are beautiful no matter what.Sleep does great stuff for our skin ,hair and mind which no beauty parlour gives.Parlours are over rated


  6. Agree fair skin colour is considered the epitome of beauty. I can easily relate with your post, that’s very true


  7. I hear you. I wrote a post long back on a similar experience. There must be a crash course for those parlour girls to behave tactfully. I’m sorry for how you felt. Totally understand.


  8. The only one time I had been to a salon for a facial is before my wedding. I so agree with the way the staff treat customers just to sell the services.


  9. I agree with you the salon staff should not push us to get a facial done just for the fair look. I am happy with my skin and i love the way it is. I don’t need to look fair.


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