Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, has been the slogan for the new government. True, today laws are more stringent with respect to the protection of the girl child. Our society has so called progressed by ALLOWING Women to work equally along with men. Today we can make our own choices, own properties, be physically , mentally, financially independent and take care of ourselves in every manner.

Yet, there are a few things, that is still making our lives more difficult.

Unrealistic expectations.

Shocked ! Why did I say this. The problem with our generation, basically the children who are born in the 80’s and 90’s are mothers of young little girls and boys today. We were a part of the slow transition, where everything went digital and Indian Television got privatised. As this was a slow transition, we could easily mould ourselves to new ideas and were easily acceptable in the society during the early 2000’s when we were in our teens.

Post 2010, when we are now married and mothers, the society has once again started to kill us with their unrealistic expectations. The Media leaves no page unturned to ensure, that they encourage your insecurity. The role of media, which was to educate people and make them more liberal has successfully done the reverse for the sake of TRP.

It is true that in our generation marriages are barely forever today and it is the same unrealistic expectations that is killing these marriages. We are expected to be educated and be all rounders during our school and college days because that is the only way in which a middle class girl’s profile will get a second look on the matrimonial website. Simultaneously we need to have a high paying job so that the groom feels complimentary to his qualification. If we expect the same from the groom, we are termed as mannerless and greedy.

Apart from all this we also need to be all rounders in the household chores and need to love it to the T, because we are born women and there is no option except to be trained as a docile home maker apart from being a fierce professional. Even today nobody cares, if your dreams are shattered or you are slowly killing them everyday.

This international Girl child day, let us all take an oath that tomorrow we will not kill our girl children with unrealistic expectation. Let them be totally on their feet and teach them to face the society bravely. Simultaneously, let us create a society for them, where no action of theirs is prejudiced by our thoughts.

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