More than being a parent, I guess being a grandparent would give any human being an experience to cherish more.

When after many years a tiny human being enters into your life once again, through your own blood. It is a given fact that life has give you one more chance to be a child again. Simultaneously, there exist an underlying problem, sometimes, even if they wish to play with their grandchildren. health does not permit them to run around or sometimes, distance creates a major issue.

Given these unavoidable circumstances, here under are a few ways in which you can bond with your grandchildren.

  1. Now having a grandchild means, the child is the third generation. So probably , what worked for you, may have worked for your children but it is not mandatory that it will work with your grandchild.
  2. For a Lot of Grandparents, health is a major concern. So before the arrival of your grandchild, do take care of your health, get your test done, update medication and also do join some fitness classes or just start some walking. After all, only a fit grandparent will have the energy to run around with your child.
  3. Try to find out from their parents or your neighbors, what is the latest trend that your grandchildren may like. Home made food is anytime a big hit but if they like any particular activity or cartoon, just read up a bit before they come down, so that it would be easily an ice breaker.
  4. These days inter- caste marriages are a common scenario. Therefore, the child may either pickup language of both the parents, one parent or none and just speak in Hindi or English. Have your first interaction with them in the language that they are comfortable in and then switch on to your mother tongue gradually to interact with them.
  5. Plan an exclusive activity to do together. Most of the times when we were kids our grandparents took us to gardens and for cycling. But these days the trend has changed. We also do have a lot of specific grandparent/grandchild program enroll for them.
  6. Never criticize their parents. In short term, the children may bond with you but in long term, you are leaving them with a harsh scar.

Technically, there is no need for anyone to read this article. As once a person becomes a grandparent, the bonding between them automatically starts.

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