How to handle life block

Many a times it happens that we often get stuck at somepoint in life. Everything around us looks mundane. Even though our life may seem perfect to everyone externally. Internally only we know how dead we are on the inside. The so called perfect relationship looks gloomy, the so called perfect job is no longer perfect. This is something that we can refer to as a life block. Ok. Now I don’t know if we have any particular word called Life Block, so I just made it up.

You may be facing a Life Block because you feel that you have seen it all, Whereas the reality is that you are just stuck in the small world created by yourself. When you refuse to move beyond your comfort zone, that is when you hit a life block.

Stop believing in the age old traditions , that just because you are 30 you cannot pursue your hobby;

Stop encouraging the society by saying that if you only had the opportunity then like today’s youngsters;

Stop blaming marriage and children for your bad career choices.

I personally believe everything is a phase, including the life block, because that is the only indicator from life that we are moving in the wrong direction.

There is no age limit or restriction limit to pursue your dreams. Yes, what I am saying may look good only in movies and novels, but trust me, just try to live for something that you love, then you will realise, how life is much better.

The problem is our education system has ensured that we keep on facing road block at every step we take. We were never taught to enjoy what we are doing, just manually trained us to accept whatever has been fed to us.

So How do you deal with a Loife Block?

The first step is to identify, if you are undergoing a life block. If you feel frustrated or irritated at the smallest things and on people.

If you are bored of the mundane routine.

If you just make plans to escape people.

If you refuse to socialise and feel akward amongst people.

These are just a few signs of a Life Block. But however, in general you need to take care of yourself.

Love yourself.

Appreciate your small achievements in life.

Admire your achievements.


Make it a habit to pursue your hobby for atleast 10 minutes in a day.

Take care of your physical health. Indulge in some outdoor activity such as treaking or a sport of your choice.

Eat good food and enjoy the food. Do not consume too much junk food, alcohol or smoking just because your peers do the same.

Remember, Life Block is not permenant, provided you take a step to deal with it.

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