Loosing Weight – Part 2

So As I had previously mentioned in my blog, about how I have finally started my weight loss journey, this blog is about how I am continuing my Journey to loose some more weight.

But before I begin to tell you about my journey, I hope you have read the previous post. If not, then you can read about the same here.

Now ever since, I have quit mid-night munching, a bad habit that I had picked up when I was depressed. Yes. Just like many of you, most of the times, I just ate junk food because it made me feel good and gave me an eternal satisfaction. But I am happy to say that I have been 100 % successful in giving up my mid- night munching. Though I never thought I could do it this easily but yes I did it.

What are the changes that I saw in myself

  • After just quitting my midnight munching, I found a that now I feel much lighter and can easily walk around without feeling heaviness.
  • My skin has become little bit more clear.
  • I do not walk around with acidity and an upset stomach.
  • 45 minutes of more sleep means, even more happier me when awake.

What was the second step that I took ?

My next step after reducing my mid- night munching was to reduce the quantity of my evening snack. My idea is to first reduce the quantity of unwanted calories that I was consuming before I could actually start hardcore working out. So earlier, wherein I would on someday consume an entire packet of biscuits, I now have only a couple of them. If I really feel hungry, the maximum I do is to eat a banana along with it. By this month, I am planning to quit my evening snacks completely and replace it with a fruit or a dry fruit.

Apart from that the other step that I took was reducing the number of pappad that I ate along with lunch or dinner. Yes. I am hell crazy about fried food. It is important that I completely bring down the count of fried papad to zero by next month atleast. This seems to be the biggest challenge for me, which I am presently attempting to do.

Completed step 2 so what is step three now ?

Step 3 for me would be to totally cut off all unnecessary snacks completely during any time of the day and simultaneously to increase the amount of water intake. You must be wondering, how many times I mention about snacks, but yes, that is the amount of snacks that I consume. There have been days, when I had not consumed water for an entire day. Sometimes with two kids and work, this craziness tends to happen.

By next month I would be around 6 months post partum, which means that I can now slowly start walking. Though I do most of the chores myself, I avoid any heavy work or anything that includes heavy lifting or standing for long time.

Even while washing utensils, I wash about 5 utensils at a time and then do some sitting chores. I do not allow the utensils to pile up in the kitchen sink.

Taking care of your back, while loosing weight

A lot of women usually complain about back pain post delivery and especially post a C section. Most of the times you get back pain due to unorganised work schedule and unnecessary taxing of your back. Since the day I was operated, I have been walking. I do not sit in a single spot for more than 15 mins. If not anything, I just walk from one room to another just like that.

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