Sexual Tourism

Recently, I came across this article on Tripoto, wherein the author fortunately or unfortunately an Engineer, openly gave tips on Picking up women in Goa.

Hereunder are a few screen shots of the article, as I am unsure it may be removed:

Well, we understand your lack of social skills and personality deprives you of dating, but if you approach a woman, with the only intention of sex, then you will be rejected outright by her.

There are N number of jokes on how, women have a different attire for Goa or how Goa is the one place in India, where you can be your self, or how a person who visits Bangkok, is exclusively looking out for Sex. Unfortunately, we have always managed to promote tourism also by making the trip more sexual. Are we really that sexually frustrated ? I was shocked to read this article, because more than a tourism article, it looked like an article by a Pimp.

Look we understand that, given your personality and the social surroundings that we live in, it may be tough for you to Date or get laid. But that does not mean that you defame the other tourist or the tourist location and mainly the Locals, by making them victim of your needs. Even Bollywood is no lesser in promoting stereotypes. This blog was not about Goa, but also about the mindset of the people who travel, not only Indians, I am sure also the foreigners.

Different people travel with different perspective. As an individual, I really have no right to comment on that, but the least I could say was stop stereotyping a particular location. I am not against drinking or pre- marital sex, it is your individual choice, after all the consequences of those choices have to be suffered by you and not me. What I am against, is promoting Sexual Tourism. Online or Offline, it is definitely wrong to promote a tourist destination openly for Sex.

The reason why people flock to Goa for vacation is because it is a budget friendly holiday destination with a totally non-intrusive atmosphere. People don’t care what you wear or what you do. That does not give you the permission to slander a particular tourist Destination or Women in general.

Please by posting such an article, you have exposed the reality on why most of the guys are unable to date.

The rights of this article belong exclusively to Ms.Aishwarya Sandeep. Copying or reproducing the same would amount to Copyright infringement. Appropriate action would be taken under the Indian Law subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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Image Source: Travel Triangle

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  1. Sex tourism has been popular especially in Asian country for a while now and it won’t stop anytime soon. As poverty and demand and cost of living goes up with automation and retrenchment, it’ll get worse.


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