For them Age is just a number

Judging people is the favorite past time of many people in our society. Whenever a person intends to do something different, we always try to trap them in the net of morals. It is not only the younger individuals who are judged for their actions and decisions, we do not spare even the elders. Meet these 7 amazing talented Singers, who are all set to rock the Jamming Sessions to be held on August 24,2019 at Mulund.

Srimathi, 59, is a home maker, who also teaches Carnatic Music at Home. She resides with her spouse and has 2 daughters who are now married. She had learnt Music during her School Days. Being a Music Teacher herself, I am sure by now you would have known the long relationship which she shared with music. A person who is so passionate about music, will be performing this weekend at the Jamming Session.

Namrata Jhangiani,60, is a Housewife who resides with her family in Mumbai. Though she has never learnt music professionally, she loves to sing as a hobby. A good vibe for music is all she needs and therefore she enjoys these 3-4 hour jamming session with the TSJ.

Bhagyalakshmi Gohokar, 63, has been an Entrepreneur and she also runs a Grub Hub Franchise at Matunga and Andheri. Apart from being an Entrepreneur and a passionate music lover, she is an amazing Home Chef and takes orders for South Indian, Maharashtrian and Diwali Snacks. Having learnt basic Carnatic and Hindustani music at the age of 5, she is participating in this session, just to pursue her passion for music.

V.K. Sathyajit, 58, has completed 35 years as Training Manager, at Novartis. He resides with his wife Anitha, who has learnt and is pursuing Bharatanatyam, his two sons Siddharth and Prithviraj, who have also learnt Keyboard and Guitar. Although he had been singing bhajans at home since school days. He regrets not having pursuing music classes from a music teacher, who was appointed by his father who used to play a Kanjira. He is associated with music since last 50 years. Participating in the TSJ Jamming sessions has helped him shed his inhibitions and helped him transform from a shy introvert to someone who is comfortable.

Pratibha R Taneja, 74, resides with her Son. She performs Bhajans, Natya Sangeet, Light Music and Classical too. She has learnt Classical music and plays Harmonium. She used to go to Chinmaya Mission, where she learnt a lot. As a music lover, she is the first one to participate with any group, where there is music. Being in this beautiful atmosphere, makes her happy and that is the reason for her participation in the Jamming Session.

Mrs. Kanthimathy Shankaran, 80, had her Tailoring business and used to take tutions previously, she was also a volunteer with the Janta Kendra Social Service Centre and had given tailoring lessons over there. Her family consist of her husband and her son, daughter in law and grand daughter, who reside in Chennai and her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, who reside in Mumbai. She started learning to learn Carnatic Classical Music during her school days and used to attend Carnatic Kutcheris. It was only a year back, when she had come down to Mumbai and attended one of the TSJ sessions and she is definitely looking forward to attend the next session.

Shefali Nirmal Notani,65, presently residing with her husband and a mother of two loving daughters, who are now married. She has her own Tax Savings Agency. Since childhood, she loved music and cleared her first exam in Classical Vocal. There was long gap after that. After her two children started going to school she rejoined music. After that she gave two more exams and now started to learn Keyboard. Her idea of attending a jamming session is to learn something more.

Music is an integral part of life. Music does not discriminate between the young and old.

Come listen to these amazing singers on August 24, 2019 at Runwal Greens, Mulund West. To register your parents/ aunts/uncles/ friends or yourself you can connect with.

Radha – 9819327782

Hereunder are a few videos by these amazing singers. If this does not tempt you to attend the sessions…then you are in for a real loss.

Bhagyalakshmi Gohokar

Shefali Notani :

Pratibha Taneja :

Sathyajit ji :

Namrata Jhangiani :

Kantimathi Sankaran


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