Celebrating Senior Citizens

August 21, is World Senior Citizens day.

While we may be been busy in our lives, we have conveniently forgotten the senior citizens, who raised us and made us capable to this extent. It is important that we spare atleast a day in our life in respecting them or remembering them.

I am not saying that this should be the only day that they need to be remembered or respected, we need to do that 365 days a year but this one day you could really make it special for them. Most of the younger generation, find senior citizens irritating, interfering, angry and everything else, while we also have the other half who also find them more dependable than our own set of friends. We grew up in an environment, where we could demand almost anything fearlessly from our grandparents. There was never any restriction in our relationship.

Sometimes, when they take down a nostalgia trip, we often find ourselves as their companions in their journey. It is important that we also travel on this journey with them. Just to show them our support.

Ageing is a natural process and it indeed is a beautiful process. We cannot stop it by pretending that we will stay forever young. A lot of my friends think if they stay unmarried or don’t have children, they won’t become uncle and aunties, which will make them uncool.

The reason why a lot of parents usually stress for a kid after their children’s marriage is because they now they can calm down and enjoy the childhood of another child. May be they could not enjoy their own children’s childhood because they were busy getting settled in life. I can say this by experience of atleast in my house. The way my parents and in-laws enjoy my children’s childhood, I doubt they had enjoyed my husband’s or my childhood.

Being with someone who is a senior citizen requires the same amount of patience and calmness that you need with a child. I stayed with my nani for 6 years, away from my parents for UG and PG. Being the eldest grandchild I got married first and had my first son. During her last days, the only person she was interested in was my son. What he ate, what he thought, what he did, what he didn’t and the rest of us lost our position in the house.

As you grow older, you get the time to complete you unfulfilled desires but alas for most of the people either health or finance does not support them. Unfortunately in our society a lot of couples plan to take that long pending vacation once their kids are settled. But in they end up sponsoring their childrens honeymoon and keep dreaming about their pending vacation.

In Indian household, seniors or elders are often seen as either decision makers or care takers for the young ones. But we often forget to ask them about their desires..

This week I have decided to celebrate as Senior Citizens week and will publish exclusive articles related to the same..

The featured image has my father and his siblings along with their spouses and my cousin

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