A Mom who makes miniature food

Who doesn’t love tiny food. Meet this Engineer turned Jewelry Maker mom, who also makes miniature food items. Do check out about her journey and her beautiful art work. Meet Niranjana Shankar, the entrepreneur behind Ni’s collection, based out of Chennai.

1. How do you manage work life balance
I do not have dedicated work hours. Frankly, a mom of 2 cannot plan her day.I do take time out for my work whenever possible. In between my household chores, or when the kids are busy at school or play. My younger one has just started school for 3 hrs. So that gives me little more time for my work.I love my work. It is one of my major stress busters. So whenever I want to break from babysitting and household work I run to my work table and find peace.

2. Do you have any professional qualification in jewelry making. What was your work experience prior to this
I do not hold a professional qualification in jewelry making. but over the last 6 years, I have had the opportunity of learning from a lot of amazing teachers. Most of it being online courses through recorded videos or skype classes
I am a BE (computers) and  MBA in marketing. I worked with Godrej and Boyce and Tata teleservices before quitting it to be a homemaker.

3. How you used Social Media to promote yourself.

I started my business Ni’s Collection in 2013 through Facebook. back then,it was a closed group. I then migrated to a page and all my work is still posted there. It has 4500+ followers as on date.Few months back,i started updating my Insta account and posting updates.other than this, Whatsapp plays a major role to touch base with my clients.

4. Give more details about clay food miniature. How it is made, why it is different from other toys. 
This area of art, food miniatures, I have recently started exploring. I have always been a fan of food miniatures esp as fridge magnets. i have a lot of collection myself a month back, I started making them myself and they got tremendous response these are completely handmade using air dry clay. and everything u see in the pictures are made from scratch. be it the plates bowls or the food items. Food holds a lot of sentiment to us. each region has a specialty of its own when it comes to food.

For eg. idli or dosa in the south, chat or a vada pav in mumbai or jalebi fafda in Gujrat. It instantly connects with the people. and hence it attracts a lot of customers. it also makes a unique gift like none other.

5. Was the switch in career smooth or it took time
This journey with Ni’s was never planned. I quit my Job with Tata teleservices when my elder son was born in 2010. and i was never under pressure to start something. All of these just fell in place slowly. and SInce there was no regret of quitting a corporate job or pressure of starting something on my own, everything was absolutely smoothof course, it did take time to learn and figure out how the online platform and marketing and logistics worked. But each day was a new learning and it helped me grow.

6. What do you want to say to moms who are yet to discover their passion. 
Follow your passion. Do what interests you. Everything else will fall in place automatically.

7. How making your passion your profession helps.
When your passion is your profession, every work you do,every product you deliver has a lot of love and dedication in it. there is no pushing or forcing u to do it since it is something u like doing.

What was the role of your family behind your career change? Were they supportive.?

Of Course. My family did play a major role in my venture. All of these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband Ramesh, my kids Shriyans and Ishaan and my friends and well wishers who trusted and supported me throughout.

As Ni’s collection completed 6 years on 23rd Aug, 2019,I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends Radha, Gokul and Purnima who stood by me and helped in shaping Ni’s collection to be what it is today.

Your social media link

How can people contact you
You can reach me by messaging on my facebook or instagram page

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  1. I’ve recently started a web site, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.


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