Our First Raksha Bandhan

So as today is the day of the siblings, I will let Suraj and Soumya take over the post.

Suraj says…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. (thats how he greets everyone like a tarzan)

Hello Everyone, I am Suraj Sandeep. Today is Raksha Bandhan. I don’t know why my Amma is making so much fuss about it. Oh yes, because this year, I have a new sister, whom my Amma bought from a hospital in Vasai. She is nice and cute but cries and does susu on the bed, where I need to sleep. She does not know anything and all say that I need to teach her everything. I teach her poems, how to stick her tongue out, how to lick things and how to scream ? Is that not enough ? But still she only laughs and kicks me.

She always looks at me, when I am eating my food and wants to eat my rice and fish. I mean she does not even complete her own payasam and it is always left over in the bottle. I am not like that, I always completely finish my food.

My sister wants to always be lifted. She is small and does not have teeth, she does not even know how to sit !!!. All say that she will soon be talking and she will bite me because I touble her a lot. I don’t trouble her. She’s like a cute toy, just like my other toys and I also play with her like I play with my other toys.

So today she tied Minion Rakhi on my wrist and I gave her frock, which Amma had ordered online for her. Soumya also gave me jalebi as she cannot eat them herself because she does not have teeth.

Soumya Speaks

Hello Aunty and Uncle,

I am Soumya Sandeep. I am 4 months old. Suraj is my elder brother. I like him a lot more than others in the house. He makes a lot of funny faces and funny noises, when he is around. I also want to jump and run around like him, but I am unable to do so, I move my legs a lot but still I cannot catch him. He keeps eating a lot of yummy food and does not give me anything. He says I do not have something called as teeth. I don’t know what it is called.

Suraj is the only other person, who is tiny like me, remaining all people are so huge like a giant. That’s why I like Suraj. Sometimes, he pulls my cheeks, tells me funny jokes, sings songs and then he is busy. But on somedays, when I wake up, I do not find him. Everyone says he goes to some place called as school. I also want to know what a school is and therefore, I wake up before him in the morning and throw and tantrum, but then I drink milk and fall asleep and then nobody takes me to this place called school. When I wake up once again, sometimes he is there besides me but most of the times he is not there.

Today, I put tikka for Suraj Chettan and tied him a Rakhi and gave him something yummy to eat, because I saw him immediately open the wrapper and eat it. I loved the dresses that he has bought for me. He is also looking good in his JCB Tshirt.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the readers from Suraj and Soumya.


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