Independence Day, what it means to me

Today being the Independence day of our country, I am sure everyone’s timelines are filled with patriotic post about the country being independent and the Indian History. But the Country is made of its citizens and are the citizens really independent, that is what really matters today. While, many of us are enjoying today as a holiday, will go down for the Independence Day celebration in our society compound or office wearing tri colour, there would be a few of us, who would still be caged.

Being an urban bird, Independence for me has been the freedom to take decisions for myself. The Liberal upbringing by my parents and my husband ensure that I was free to have my own opinions and take decisions for myself. Whether it was college, career or marriage (I had an arranged marriage and yes I did have an opinion in the same) I always took my own decisions. Yes, I am interdependent on my family for certain steps and decisions, but even that is my own individual choice.

What I may say, may seem trivial to some people, but in reality, those things may be a big deal to the others. I diverted from my profession and started writing to fulfil my desire in life. That according to me is because I am independent. To not work in a typical law firm, running around the courts (like I started with) or putting up with the tantrums of the client, is my own decision. Today, I do limited work and selective work, thanks to my interdependence on my family. If I did not have the cushion of luxury, I would have not been able to chase my dreams and the credit for the same goes to my better half.

To me independence is not about I, me, myself but Independence means expressing your self. Whether a country or an individual, if you cannot share your own problems and execute the solutions to the same, you are not independent. No matter how rich or resourceful you are. For me, Independence is about trying not to create stereotype and striving hard to fit into that stereotype. Like for some strange reason, our society has already made certain stereotypes for different people. A dark person cannot look good, mothers need to wear clothes below their knees, women who wear heels are easy, men always need to ooze chivalry, men need to earn and women are only made to spend their hard earned money.

Until a few decades ago, we were under the rule of a foreign monarchy, which restrained us from progressing in life. Today, we are under the rule of stereotype, which is again restraining a lot of our fellow citizens to progress in life. It is good to be interdependent, because that is how an individual grows. If we are not interdependent, then we are not social animals, which a man is ought to be. However, when we are ruled by stereotypes, it is tough to get past that limited scope of growth.

This Independence Day, let us all work towards breaking around the imprisonment of stereotypes and stop ourselves from judging others. That would mean real Independence to a lot of people in the country.   

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