Loss of a true leader

I have this bad habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning. Unfortunately today also I did the same and the first news I found out about Sushmaji’s demise. I silently cried for a moment as if I lost a dear one.

She was one of the few leaders whom I admired for her quick thinking, quirky thoughts, using technology at its best. Social media was meant to be used for the benefit of the people and not to gossip and troll others. This lady proved the power of social mediamedia to the world.

With her fierce and powerful speech and her strong personality, she defined a true leader and most importantly woman empowerment. She was one of the few leaders, who was barely hated by anyone in this country. A person, who was just not amazing orator in the Parliament, she never failed to communicate with the general public.

I can never forget this image in my life. Whenever anyone talks about gender, or nepotism or any other reason  for them being deprived I feel like showing them this picture, which speaks for itself.

She led a true example for women and men in this country by balancing her work and personal life. A rare quality that we find these days amongst couples. The 67 year old leader was married to her husband Swaraj Kaushal for 44 years, whom she met during her law college days. Despite their ups and downs in life and opposite ideologies, they stayed together. Something that our generation can learn from.

She proved it to the world, that you can have a home and an active career in a male dominated, dynasty driven field like politics.

Thank you Sushmaji for contributing your life for the betterment of the nation and inspiring us. We hope to carry forward your legacy.

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