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So today we will be interacting with Sonam Jhavar, from Sonam Jhavar Design, who is an Interior Designer and has her own firm at Marine Lines, Mumbai.

For how long you been operating your own store/brand ?

I have been a part of this industry since 6 years and it’s been 2 years for my own firm now.

Can you tell us about how you became an Interior Designer.

I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy before I got a call for my true love for interior design. It was a decision I had to make between the two: an egghead accountant or a creative soul.I went ahead with what my heart desired with the support of my family and the results have been delightful.

An office design

 What was the Role of your family in your career?

My parents have instilled in me the idea that I should always try my best at everything I do. They have always been supportive about my decision whether it was about quitting CA or opting for designing as a career.I always have them cheering me on in everything I do. Without them, I honestly don’t know where I would be today.

A residennce design

Can you tell us more about your work?

I hold a Diploma from Rachana Sansad, School of Interior Design. I have previously worked with Ar. Annkur Khosla where I serviced clientele likes such as Actor Shahid & Mira Kapoor, well known investor Mr Ramesh Damani and many more before starting my own boutique design studio in Mumbai in 2017.

A restaurant

Do you prefer being an employee or employer?

I came across this interesting quote when I was contemplating whether to continue with job or to start my own business which helped me make my decision.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”         

Do you bring home, some homework from office?

 I typically like to be in my office space to create my designs. But it is important to be flexible especially when met with challenging deadlines or clients who are available post working hours or during the weekends.     


A gym

What do you think about getting children at workplace?

Those in control of workplaces are responsible for ensuring the safety of visitors including children. There may be some workplaces that are not suitable for children.
For instance: we may have marble, wood, glass samples lying for generatingmood boards for clients which requires caution when children are around.

What were the challenges that you faced while starting up your own firm.

Starting a business does have its perks along with its share of difficulties. For me it was a big risk putting in all the investment and being mentally prepared to stay positive for not much work during the incubation period. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to bag good projects in the first few months itself and there was never looking back.

Which was your most challenging assignment till date

Every project is a challenge on its own. But if I had to pick this one project it would be an office space that we designed for a dear client, also our first project. We had a straight deadline of 25 days from the day we had a meeting with the client. From preparing mood boards and getting approvals, presenting them with the design, working late nights sums up a crazy journey of a beautiful place that was made. Nothing was more meaningful than our vision turning into reality and our client’s happy face for an on-time delivery of the project.

How do you handle stress and deadlines?

Deadlines have always been like a motivational event. I’m the kind of person who stays calm under pressure. I react proactively to situations, rather than stress about it.

What is your mantra for surviving in the market?

To be the best versions of ourselves. There are many designers in the field, especially in Mumbai, so you need to show your passion and enthusiasm in your work to perform consistently and build a satisfied customer base. I strongly believe that a highly satisfied client will generate more work than any form of marketing. There is also a lot to learn in the field of interior design and constantly adapting to the changing market surely helps.

All the design belong to Ms. Sonam Jhavar. Copying of the same will amount to plagarism and infringement.

Their office is at

Sonam Jhavar Design
Kapadia Chambers,
599 JSS Road,Third Floor, 304,
Next to Maheshwari Bhawan.
Marine Lines (E)
Mumbai – 400002

Contact Number 09769254716

You can contact her on her social Media



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