I had first heard and understood a bit about the Kashmir issue, when I was in school.

I understood the gravity of the Kashmir situation only when I opened the bare act during my law college days. I was in my first year, first semester and opened the Bare Act for the First Act.

This section caught my attention. The Short Title.

The Short Title of almost every Act or Law in India States that the Law is applicable to the entire country except to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. To say we are all part of a country yet different law for a single state? That is when I understood the technicalities of this political drama.

This issue could have been resolved years ago but then if our politicians solve the problems, what will they debate about in the next upcoming election manifesto? It was never the entire state that wanted seperation from India, just a valley, where the seperatist were based. They managed to do the same with the help of outside money and some internal help.

So what does repealing these Articles mean?

1. Good source of income for the State as the laws will now be eased.

2. Easy trade with people outside the state thus giving more chance to the locals for employment and business and development.

3. Reduction in defense budget (hopefully) as the valley will now be more peaceful. A huge amount of our budget will is generally spent on Defense.

4. Tricolour will prodly fly across the state and National Anthem can be sung openly.

I remember this one incident that a friend had stated. She was invited to a college in Kashmir for a function. They could not play the Indian National Anthem and so the professor had played an instrumental version of the same. The people who understood stood up and few chose to sit down. When she confronted the girl who was sitting next to her, the girl stated as this was an Indian National Anthem, she was not obligated to stand up.

5. More contribution from the talented Kashmiri community towards the development of the country.

6. Less terrorism (hopefully)

7. Kashmiris will not feel like an outsider in their own country. Concept of dual citizenship comes to an end for them.

These are a few things that I could think of. I am happy with this step taken by the government.

Do let me know your thoughts on the same. Pls read part two of this blog, which will be uploaded soon.