The children who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s are now parents of either toddlers or teenagers. When we were growing up, which was just a few minutes ago, we grew up in a non digital world. We were more dependent on books than internet. Digital medium was something sort of luxury for us and something that we all secretly dreamt about.

Come 2000’s, slowly Computers became household item. Post 2010, the computers were now being replaced by tablets and ipads and by the time it was 2015, smartphones penetrated into our lives. We have lived it all and experienced it all, the digital world and the non digital world. The transition phase was one of the best.

The needs and methodology of teaching children to use the digital medium are different and often parents of our generation are stuck in a dilemma on how much to make them dependent on the technology. Earlier, when we were studying, we competed against each other but today the children are being prepared to compete against the technology. It is sad and tough to explain them the reality. What they don’t realise is they need to be smarter than their phone otherwise their phones will dominate them and they will loose their job and life.

While a lot of us do understand the reality of the technology dependance, it is simultaneously tough for us moms to explain the previous generation and also a few fellow moms about the same. We are not handing out our cell phones to children just because we want to distract them. The reality is that one or the other day sooner children will use the same technology for their studies. With changing times, the way of studying has also changed. If we do not keep up with the time we may soon be out of the race that we ourselves have created.

I guess limited and supervised screen time does not do any harm to your child.

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