When two broke girls set friendship goals

So off late, I have been binge watching 2 Broke Girls on Amazon Prime. I remember watching a couple of episodes of this series, when it had released in 2010, but then due to some reason I stopped watching it. Recently, when I was really bored, I decided to start watching it once again and now I am literally addicted to the same.

This is the story of 2 broke girls, who live together, work together at a Diner in Williamsburg and dream of having their own flourishing cup cake business together. This story is about Max Black, a strong girl raised by a single abusive mother, which defines her strong personality and Caroline Channing, daughter of a businessman, who was caught by the Government in the Ponzi Scheme. The girls meet at the Diner,  run by a Korean Haan Lee, wherein Max has been working since years as a waitress. After her father was arrested, Caroline has now been stripped of her entire property and has now nothing but just a few clothes and a horse Chestnut with her. She starts working at the Diner, just to make ends meet. Max makes amazing Cup Cakes, which then become the reason for Caroline’s idea to sell those cupcakes and make it big in the industry.

The story deals with two contrasting personalities, Max and Caroline, who have been brought up in extremely different circumstances, come together and lead a new life together. They did not become friends overnight, but they fought tough situations every night. Caroline, was someone, who was technically a princess, before her father was caught and Max was the owner of her life. Caroline, cannot let anyone know that she is working at the Diner as the people still hate her and she is scared that her former friends and family will make fun of her. Max stands by Caroline’s back, in helping her adjust with the new circumstances and Caroline helps Max by helping her identify her talent and encourages her to take a new step towards having a new dream and building a new career.

I love their pair as BFFs because they are not about twinning identical dresses or about having same choices and same personalities. They are two independent people, who are a great team, when they come together. Yes, they have their own share of fights, own share of disagreements and do not necessarily accept the new ideas at once. That is how human beings are. For the first time, I was happy that TV was not setting some unrealistic goals about friendship or friendship was not limited to having common interest in a guy or ambition. Yes. They both have their own share of relationships, dreams, ambitions, problems, background, but without interfering, they manage to handle them with maturity and move ahead in life.

When we talk about true friendship, it is not limited to those perfect selfies, pouts or twinning outfits. Real friendship does not require any validity or any social media status. Real friendship means taking out time to listen to each other, supporting each other, when they are broken the most and also opposing each other, when you know the other person is doing wrong. They literally spend 24*7 with each other and yet they are two different beautiful personalities. When you are in a relationship, it is not mandatory to become like the other person. You can retain your own personality and yet be with the other person.

P.S. I am still on Season 4 but I love all the characters of this series. Max is just the person that I am in love with.

Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day.


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