A Mommy who takes care of your skin

Taking care of the skin has a practice, that we followed for centuries. Earlier, women used whatever nature provided us with. Subsequently, we started using what Industries provided us with. Now, We are back to using what nature is providing us by using organic products. Meet Mansi Mehta, a mom, who started this brand after the birth of her daughter to help others like us to take care of ourselves. Let us know more, how she balanced mother hood and her entrepreneurship. Most of the times, we often hear women, crib about not being successful because of parents, in-laws and children. But do read this story to break all your myths.

Tell us a bit about your venture.

I make natural chemical free skincare and home care products. I started this after the birth of my daughter. I read an article about harmful chemicals in products and did research about the ingredients and was shocked. I decided to make products for my daughter and thus Eliorganics came to life. The name of my venture is actually on my daughter. 

Do you have a background in making cosmetics?

 I have done basic course of understanding the raw materials and essential oils. I feel I will always be a learner and as we speak I am currently doing another course to broaden my knowledge.

What is the role of your family behind your venture.

 The main credit goes  to my mother in law. When I suggested I want to start making skincare products she supported me completely. I remember my initial formulations how we would sit down together and jot down details and make the stuff.  She still is my biggest supporter. My husband also supports me a lot and helps me out with making of excel sheet where I handle my finances and making my product list attractive. Without their support this wouldn’t have been possible.

What was the challenge that you faced while starting your venture?

Challenges are a part of any businesses and I had my share. When you introduce something new it takes time for people to trust you but ny extended family from my husband’s side really supported me and I will be eternally grateful for that. My cousin sister in laws used to buy my products and give me feedback. This gave me the necessary boost and confidence I needed.

Are women more conscious about their skin now.

 Yes they are more conscious and are very aware of things. Also I see a shift in thinking regarding chemical free products. Lot of women now understand the side effects of the chemical laden products in the market. I have more than fifty products. My turnover increased with purely word of mouth.Most of my clients are friends and relatives of existing clients. Few of my best products are onion hair oil,kids hair oil, argan oil.

Women tend to ignore their hair, skin and body post pregnancy. Any suggestions for them?  

Women tend to get so busy with being mothers that they stop taking care of themselves and till the time they realise it gets too late. With the current lifestyle and stress aging starts early. If right products are used at the right time we can really delay ageing,white hair and have healthy skin and hair. My only suggestion to women is please be a little selfish for yourself. Take a little time out and take care of yourself and do things which you love and eat healthy. Our skin and hair reflect how me feel from inside. 

How do you plan to compete with branded products in the market

I always believe my only competition is with myself. Never look at others work. Take inspiration but do not compete. I just want to make good quality products and the rest will be taken care of

Are skin care products only for women?  

No most of my products can be used by both men and women. I also have few products for kids. 

What is the right age for children to be introduced to cosmetics and skin care.

 Outside cosmetics contain lot of harmful chemicals. I urge mothers to please read ingredients and buy. For kids use what our grandmothers did. Our kitchen has abundant things which can be used for kids. And delay cosmetics till the time you can or if you buy read the labels,Google the ingredient and check and do research.

What is the message you want to give to other mothers.

 Having a baby doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. I started when my daughter was 6 month old. I started writing stories after her birth. I never knew I could write and now I have an fb group where I post my stories. I go for singing jamming sessions once a month. Everything started after my daughter was born. I have realised over time the only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. If women set their hearts on something they will find a way.

One of the best ways to contact Eliorganics is to get in touch with them over a call or through their facebook page.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eliorganicss/

Contact Number:- 9920706057

If you know any Entrepreneur, who is doing great in life and has a story to tell. Please get in touch with me through email. adv.aishwaryasandeep@gmail.com

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