When small things matter

Now this is what every parent experiences. No matter how expensive toys or accessories you buy for your kids, it will be the most redundant scrap in your house that will attract your kid the most. As your child to pick up between a fancy toy and a plastic water bottle. Trust me majority of the children would pick up the plastic bottle.

You buy them the most fanciest dress you come across. Yet they will insist on wearing that same outfit, they have been wearing since last 3 days, which will be worn out, short and Ill fitting.

I have a collection of broken toys, which is my son’s prized possession. He spends more time playing with them and gets really hyper if one of the pieces of his broken toys gets lost.

Suraj is more interested in the courier packaging than the actual product. Even if the product has come for him. The Amazon boxes and packages are stored in my house like jewelry and expensive show pieces. None of the adults dare to throw it away until and unless it has been literally worn out.

One thing that motherhood has taught me is, children love anything that you bring back to them. It need not be an expensive thing. Even when you give them a bottle of Bisleri water, that becomes their prized possession at least for the next few days.

At times I really wish this innocence stays with him forever.

P.S. Surajs Present prized possessions are a 1 liter bottle his dad bought. Amazon cardboard boxes which came over the last month. I so wanna dispose it off but I am unable to do so…..


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