My Red Lipstick

An honest confession. Lipstick is one make up item without which I do not step out. The reason being simple that my lips are a bit uneven in colour. It’s a mixture of different shades of brown.

I started applying lipstick, when I started my junior College. During those days brown my favourite colour. For some reason I never dared to experiment. Being on the heavier side, I would mostly dress up in black because according to me, it was my safe bet. For me dark colours were a place to hide.

I always admired beautiful women (in the right way) and was always in awe of how beautifully they carried their Red Lipsticks. Somehow, for me this was still a distant dream. When I started practice, I barely had time to wash my face. Surviving on 2 hours of sleep sometimes, most of my time was spent in the local train. When a person does not get sufficient sleep nothing appeals to them. I was almost like a zombie. Plus, when you are a High Court Lawyer, forget about wearing any makeup to Court. So I kind of divorced my brown lipstick for sometime.

Subsequently, after I quit my job, I went back to my Brown shade again. Within a year of starting my own practice I got married. Now was the time, to get all dressed up. All through my school and college life, I had participated in all the cultural events and therefore I knew basics of make up. But either I was under confident to pull that off or may be I was just too clumsy to apply it.

After sometime, one fine day, when I was browsing through the net, I came across the picture of Aishwarya Rai, in her signature Red Lipstick. For me Red is a symbol of confidence and beauty. One fine day, I just walked into a store and bought my first ever Red Lipstick. It was the perfect shade as per me. Just taking that one step in life, changed my personality. I started wearing more colorful clothes , started to experiment with colour.

My present day collection.

I guess this is what you call as falling in love. Yes, when you fall in love with the right person, you can easily overcome, your years of under confidence within a matter of seconds.

Yes. you guessed it right. The person I am talking about is none other than my better half, who silently supported me by accepting me the way I am and never demanding for any change.

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