A Daddy, DJ and a Designer

So till now we met moms who restarted their career post maternity break. Now let’s meet a Dad, a DJ, a Graphic Designer and know more about his roller coaster ride. We always tend to ignore men and their dreams here is someone who is chasing them and balancing them. Here I present, Mr. Rohit Dodia.

Can you give a brief about yourself. 

This is Rohit Dodia, I born and brought up in Mulund (Mumbai), and currently staying at Mira Road. About my Professional background I have done Diploma in Digital Electronics and then I have done Diploma in Hardware and Networking. After my Diploma I had joined InOrbit Mall as System Administrator I worked for 1 year and then I joined TPO – Stream Global Services and was working as Sr. Tech Support Executive for 2 ½ years and after leaving that Job I started by journey of Graphics and Website Designing work (because I was having interest in website designing and graphics designing) I started my 1st venture call Shree Graphics in 2007 and it was shut down due to financial issues in 2008 and again due to financial issue I again join the event company as website designer which I again worked for 1 year and again I restarted by website and graphic designing journey, which again lasted for 1 year and then I joined a medical center as website designer cum IT manager which I worked for 7 years and during that time I have started by journey of DJing in Mid 2013 after starting DJIng till date I had done around 200+ show which includes House Parties, Marriage functions (all). Private parties.

About my personal background

My family has 5 members like my mother, my father, my wife, my son and myself. My father is  a fabricator and was working for Indian Oil Corporation as a contractor. Now he is retired and still doing work just not to get bored at home. My mom is a Home maker, My wife is a School Teacher and my son is in 2ndstandard.

What is the biggest challenge that you faced as a start up? 

The biggest challenge faced is Support and funds. My family members believe job is the safest place so they were like that I have to do job only, start up doesn’t work and I tried to convince them and side by side I started the business. I was doing as a freelancer since 2007 but in 2017 I had started my own venture called LookOut Solutions. Still facing issues with funds but it’s a part and parcel of life. By god grace I have a small office setup and small team.

How did you make your startup different from others.

We are different from others because we provide delivery on time and we are almost available 24 hours a day. And our vision to be a 24 x 7 x 365 days company, wherein client doesn’t go dissatisfied, the client will get complete solution under one roof whenever they want. Obviously timeline will be there.

Quiet often it is said that men have it easier than woman. I. E. Society is more supportive towards men when they start a venture than it would support women. How true is it? What is your experience

NO. its not true, which I have observed now a days the women entrepreneurs are starting their own venture. It depends on the family and friend what they are starting with. I think men and women are working equally.

Did you start your venture after being a dad or before.  A lot of fathers today hesitate from starting their own venture fearing a lot of things, what is your experience on the same.

I have started my Venture after being a father, I understand there is a hesitation to start the venture. But without RISK you cannot succeed in life. I always a see a scene from Rocket Singh, it says RISK TO SPIDER MEN KO BHI LENA PADTA, TU TO PHIR BHI SALESMEN HAI! This is a movie that inspired me. I took risk and I am facing challenges though, but this is the only time where I can prove myself that if u decide something in your mind then u can achieve anything in your life

How do you manage work life balance.

Currently I work around 20 hours a day which includes travelling of 4 hours, so I work for 16 hours a day. After coming back to home I spend time with family and if work is there then I continue for some time and sleep and next day same routine

What are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

Pros: 1) You are independent and you are the BOSS of your own company nobody is on your head to ask the report. 2) Flexibility of Timings 3) New Ideas are generated 4) New Concept are generated. 4) Fresh and Enthusiastic Team for working

Cons: For being entrepreneur funds are required to do the start up as middle men I had faced really challenges for funds. In the past everything was done my myself as there was no team. So Sales, Marketing, designing and everything was managed my me only.

A lot of startups shut down within a year of initiation. What is the reason for that? What is the mantra for survival of a start up.

The reason of shut down is Losing their confidence within, they don’t believe themselves, or there may issues related to FUNDS or STRATEGY does work as per their thinking.

The MANTRA for SURVIVAL is Keep your Confidence intact, keep away from Negative thoughts, always have POSITIVE prospects in your mind, you have to say that you are a successful person and your business or start up is going AWESOME. Plan yourself for the start-up, make good strategy and plan and take suggestion from your loved ones. They will think as a consumer and will give you the right path or suggestions

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Any Message you would like to pass on to upcoming startup.

If you are starting a startup – Make good plans and be confident on your plans and take the RISK of doing it. Cos my favorite dialog is RISK TO SPIDERMEN KO BHI LENA PADTA, TU TO PHIR BHI SALEMEN HAI.

How you manage the work life balance.
For djing I balance my work like, generally my order gets closed before a week or 15 days from the scheduled event, so I get enough time to balance my work, on the day of event I generally work from home and do my necessary packing of my stuff and leave for the show.

Your contact Rohit Dodia via phone or email

Phone 9987234789, 9137573969


rohitd.thedesigner@gmail.com or 


You can also check my websites

www.rohitdodia.com or 


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