Selective Vegetarian

I once heard a stand up comedian say. In Abroad, people are either Vegetarian, Non – Vegetarian or Vegan according to their food habits. In India, people are either Vegetarian, Non- Vegetarian, Vegan, then you have the occassional Non- Vegetarians, who eat non- veg food only on particular days.

Though this may seem funny enough to laugh about it the reason behind this is more scientific than religious. Whenever, we ask a person, on why he does not eat non – veg food on a particular day, the person always states a religious reason.

Our Festivals, food habits and most of our habits were designed according to the nature and the geography of the place. If people did eat a particular type of food during a particular festival or a particular season, that was because it suited the climate. Unfortunately, for the sake of our own conveniences, instead of explaining down the generations

The reason behind the concept of selective vegetarianism is to take care of your body and to also maintain the ecological balance simultaneously. Earlier people ate the food that was available to them and therefore the reason why we have certain people who are vegetarian and certain people who eat meat and fish.

We often do not eat non veg food during the month of Shravan because that is the time when most of the fishes breed and hence they go deep inside the sea to lay eggs. Thats why we avoid eating fish in order to let their population grow.

The idea behind eating non-veg only on particular days is to give break to your stomach and to ensure that you eat a right balance of vegetables and meat. Our body needs nutrition and since ages (genetics) we have been eating a particular type of food because it suits our body. Like traditional food is cooked in different types of oils because it suits our body and

Today people undertake different types of detox diets, but we followed the same detox diet in our culture. When we fast for either a Sankashti or Ekadashi. A lot of people still have either only fruits and milk on these days because giving your digestive system a break is a good idea.

It is important to respect the food habits of a person. Food habits are a matter of individual choice. I am a non- vegetarian but my brother is a pure vegetarian who despises any kind of non- vegetarian food. It us years to balance this choice of food but once we grew up we learnt to respect the choice of food that we have made.

I have often seen people making fun of those who do not eat non veg food calling them names like a herbivorous animal. Similarly, I have also seen people despise those who eat Non – Vegetarian Food and have been called as killers and murderers etc.

Probably, if instead of forcing down our choices, if we were taught to respect the food we eat and also that it is the choice of an individual.

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  1. Yes I always believed food is personal choice, I am a vegetarian my husband was a non-vegetarian, now he also is a vegetarian by choice. I never forced him neither did he forced.e to eat non veg. Now it’s just our elder one who is a chickenatarian no one else it, but we make it every weekend for him. Live and let live happily 😁


  2. I agree with you completely. Instead of explaining the logical reason behind the food ideas, we ended up putting it on religion. Such clarity about the concepts is important to share.


  3. I wish more and more people accept this and let people choose their food preference without mocking them for their food priorities. I get mocked by fellow Bengalis quite often as I dont eat fish.


  4. So true what a person eats is his/her personal choice. Let others not bothered by it . I enjoyed reading this blog.


  5. I was a non-vegetarian since childhood but when I started understanding how we obtain meat & eggs, I kind of started disliking it. I am now a vegetarian, sometimes I crave for non-veg but then I think about how the animals are treated in the butcher house. So, yes the food we eat and how & when we eat depends completely on individual choice.


  6. I’m a vegetarian but have no qualms sharing a table with non-veg food on it. My plate my choice but beyond that I’m not fussy. Interesting how we’re told to watch our food intake keeping the ecosystem in mind.


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