An open letter from a Mom Blogger

It’s been a couple of years now that I have been a parenting blogger. Since last one year, I have been writing for my own portal and also collaborating with brands.

Blogging even today is not seen as a full-time respectable profession. It is sad but true that people choose to look down upon you when y! ou tell them that you are a blogger. But this is only till the time your pictures with Celebrities come up on their social media timeline. Or they see the number of freebie that you get for review. True nobody wants to appreciate the hardwork that goes behind it.

In India, if you are a mother, people expect you to be an epitome of perfection. Know everything about the baby from the time it is born, sharing your short comings are something that is considered as a crime by the society. Times have changed now and the modern day mothers are not afraid to share the shortcomings of their child or themselves across the social media. This has encouraged a lot of women to take up blogging either as a returning opportunity or just because they like to express themselves.

In India, the rate of educated unemployment is the highest among women. Giving up a lucrative and growing career post marriage and child birth is a big challenge for us. Most of us Mom Bloggers are professionally qualified women and have given up our careers at our own will.

Coming back to the main point most of the times, even we get frustrated due to the attitude of people around us. Technology has advanced way too much and we can actually track, the number of readers that we have. A lot of time, when we post content, which can be practically applied like recepies or skin care, we know that people are following the same and also using the same. However, it really hurts their hands and mouth when it is their chance to appreciate us but the same never hurts, when we make one simple mistake.

Now coming down to my Kartas i.e. Brands and Digital Marketing Agencies. If you are a beginner and do not know how to collaborate, then be aware you may be taken in for a royal ride. Many of those brands usually begin with Barter. Yes, as you are in your initial days, you feel that this is a good deal because all that matters is the number of collaborations that you have on your hat. Some brands and agencies, will pay peanuts. I stopped entertaining them long ago. Trust me, some people even today offer 0.30 paise per word. I really dont want to waste my words on the same.

Then come the special type of brands who are above all. They offer you something called as bloggers discount, wherein you are supposed to pay for the product and because you are a blogger, they will give you discount and then you are expected to write about the same. Does common sense even prevail in your brains before you make this offer ?

I once had a huge fight with a Digital Marketing guy. Initially he wanted the work to be done for free in return he would just promote my blog. Then he asked me how much would I charge for the blog. I told him X amount. He laughed at me saying as my DA is less, I dont deserve to charge so much money. I politely asked him to place his blog on Yahoo. He then said that he would provide me the content so there was literally no work to be done.

Trust me his my 5 year old can write and speak better English than him. He did not understand the concept of niche marketing or having a specific audience group. His brain was full of moss and then I did not see that post again. Whenever, we promote a product we usually use it first or we have used it previously. We are sensible women. Previously a lot of people have said that some bloggers and influencers do anything for money. Some may do it, but most of us write on the basis of our own personal experience.

Yes, there is a guideline by the ASCI, which says that we need to mention,when we are collaborating with a brand and we do write about it, in a subtle way. That does not make our work illegal.

Anyways, this was meant to be rant post. I wanted to blast someone directly but that would have been a waste of time.

Anyways, no free lunches and no free publicity from me.


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