When Music Heals the Soul

I first E-Met Radha Ramnath, in the Facebook Community, Mumbai Moms. Every night she would upload a song in her melodious voice, which just freshed up everyone’s mind.

She also has a group called as the Sunday Jammers, where all the music lovers get together and jam. Here under is a sneak peak of our chat.

1. Tell us about your educational and musical background.

I am a BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) graduate from SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce. After graduation, I joined the PR Industry and simultaneously pursued the Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Marketing & Corporate Communications from Xaviers Institute of Communications, Mumbai. W.R.T. PR industry, I have a work experience of 5+ years (Year 2003 to 2009). For certain personal reasons, I quit work. Gradually, I started freelancing as a party host. I have my own venture called ‘The Thinking Hat’ which focuses more on Musical games compared to the regular ones.

What is the contribution of your family towards your career.

Well, my family has a mix of bankers, teachers, engineers, media people , chartered accountants, etc. But , what unites us all is our love for Music. My biggest support is my mother , Lakshmi Ramnath (works with Syndicate Bank), my brother , Suraj Ramnath (Media) and my son – Vivaan . I am fortunate that, my kids – Vivaan and Akshara have also been born with interest or liking for Music. Both are amazing with sense of rhythm. My daughter has a wonderful sense of Melody too.

What is TSJ all about?

Since 2014, I was looking out for a Jam group at Mulund, Mumbai so that I can go, sing, unwind, connect with Musicians. Didn’t find any. I found a beautiful group called MJM – Music Jammin Mumbai which is run by Ojas Joshi & team. I attended 1 session..or rather just half of the Jamming session. Again, that was still far away for me – as far as travelling is concerned. I was again left with no place to go to for my Music. This was also one phase when I started posting my song videos on Facebook timeline, MUMO Moms, etc. Amidst our monotonous routine, we all need an outlet – isn’t it?

One fine day, I said, it is time I start something for people like me in a place like Mulund where we don’t have any such platform to go to. I connected with my friend Gokul (Venkatraman Subramanian) from Youth Wing of Mulund Fine Arts Society saying, this is what I intend to do. He was more than happy to join me in this initiative. December 2016, we met and decided on the name. TSJ i.e The Sunday Jammers 😊 TSJ is a simple,Music Jamming Group, open to Music Enthusiasts – be it singers or instrumentalists. It is a platform to perform, a space where people come together for 3 hours, shed their inhibitions, unwind and take back some good, musical memories.We donot believe in competition.One need not have learnt Music to be part of TSJ.

Our 1st session happened on Jan 26, 2017. We started off with TSJ Mulund. Gradually, in 2018 – TSJ Kandivali , TSJ Hong Kong and TSJ Thane happened. Year 2019 – we have TSJ Mulund, TSJ Thane, TSJ Hong Kong (Admin: Deepti), TSJ Bengaluru (Admin: Vidya), TSJ Caravan (a concept wherein we conduct Jam sessions in Mumbai out of Mulund and Thane zone) and we are soon starting TSJ Juniors (age group 5 to 15).

Would like to take this opportunity to thank people who have been a part of our TSJ Admin Team – Sangeetha, Sushma, Dheena, Raj, Soumya, Rama & Kusum Kavitha, Deepti and Vidya V.

We also introduced an interesting segment called ‘TSJ Trivia Sundays’ which is researched & hosted by our Jammer – Lakshmi Vasudevan. Weekly episodes are uploaded on our Instagram account.

What is the role of music in an individuals life

Music, we believe is a healer. It is said that, listening to Music or singing/performing, releases hormones that can bring a shift in your energy levels. Music has a comforting factor. Music also bonds people.

How do your jamming sessions help people?

Last year, we initiated something called TSJ Stories to know, how have the Jammers benefitted after joining our group. Many stories came in (we shared them on our page as well as on Instagram handle)and we were overwhelmed totally. In a nutshell, few responses indicated –

1. Improved confidence levels resulting in better performance at work place followed by good appraisal

2. Diabetes under control

3. A place where one can attempt songs out of comfort zone & is aware that he or she won’t be judged

4. Started singing more leading to reduction in stress levels, being more happy and positive towards life

5. A space where there is encouragement, support and love. A space that helps people to pursue their talents which would have otherwise remained under the carpet.

6. Sundays are not boring any more

Can jamming be used as a therapy for mental illness

– Absolutely. Withthe kind of stress levels that people go through in their professional and personal space, it is a must in fact. Those who are mental disturbed, must take up some Musical activity that will help them relax. If you love music, give yourself that little “Me” time to step out of your home & be amidst Music Enthusiasts. We are all now fortunate that there are several Music Jamming groups across the city. You just need to identify what suits you, distance wise, genre wise.

Do you have to be a qualified musician to be a part of the group

No. We believe – Music can be learnt, inherited or God gifted as well. One need not have learnt Music to be part of TSJ.

Should such sessions be conducted in schools and in Corporates

Yes. Fortnightly Musical gatherings / Jamming sessions on a Friday evening after work will surely benefit the employees. Employees spend maximum time at work. Why not create a home away from home by encouraging people to bring their instruments to office , unwind with fellow musicians in the organisation and create musical bonding?

You can also join The Sunday Jammers

Hereunder are their contact details:


Contact no. : 9819327782

You can follow them on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesundayjammers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesundayjammers

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/thesundayjammers

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