Are your children using the Dark Web?

The internet is divided into three layers the Surface, the data which is accessible by a simple search. The Deep, web, which is ethical and lot of encrypted data (Protected data) such as Passwords and other such sensitive data is protected and stored. For example, the Google Server or any other Cloud Storage, wherein the data is protected and stored and is not easily accessible to the common man. A person can access the content on the Deep Web if you have the right path or the address. Like a Google Drive or confidential details of the Bank. In short you cannot access this data until and unless you log into the official website.

The third is the most dangerous and the deepest layer of the internet, known as the dark web. The dark web is the space, where all the illegal activities take place. The Dark is a space for real cyber criminals and thrives mainly on Child Pornography. All the illegal activities such as Drug Purchase, Weapons Purchase and any other illegitimate business you can imagine takes place in the Dark Web.

Every individual network has a unique Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address, which is your identity. Whenever any illegal activity takes place, the cyber cell just has to just track down your IP and within a few minutes, your location would be traced. That is the reason why terrorist usually use the Wi-fi or connection, which usually belongs to someone else, while doing their illegal activities.

Dark Web is that area of the Internet, which cannot be directly accessed by any individual. Only experienced hackers can access the same. The Dark Web generally uses Onion Route (wherein the information is bounced to different IP addresses before sharing it with the end user) to share its data, which explains, why our cops are not able to decipher the said information. Not much is not about the Dark Web directly, but these days unfortunately a lot of children have been accessing the Dark Web. Dark web is the place, where trades such as Arms Trade, Drugs Trade and Organ Trade takes place. The money for the same is paid using cryptocurrency and therefore cannot be tracked easily. With games like Blue whale, people have directly started addressing this issue.

Many movies have shown us glimpses of Dark Web in a filmy way, but unfortunately a lot of crime that has been shown in it can be executed in reality. As parents it is important that we are careful about the activities of our children. In case if your children are suddenly spending too much time on the internet or becoming more aloof, the consider it as a red flag. Talk to them and interact with them. Another tragedy of the Dark web is, it trades mostly either in crypto currency or in exchange of Child Pornography. Seems creepy but that is the harsh reality. Sometimes, what begins with curiosity may end up in tragedy.

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***I have personally not visited dark web but this article is based on research and by talking to the people who have visited these dark web. With respect to the Deep Web, I had done a couple of Opinions and Documentations for the same.

Thank you to my better half Mr.Sandeep Radhakrishnan, for posing for this Picture and also Mr. Dilip Premamohan for this amazing picture of his laptop.

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