Redefining ageing

There was a point of time, when everyone wanted to look young. Women applied tons of makeup and other beauty products available in the market. Somehow the media did not help, it increasingly created insecurity in our minds with respect to grey hair and wrinkles on your face. Ageing is a natural process and technically should not be hampered with.

What is worse is our media is leaving no stone unturned and indirectly teaching our younger generation to bully.

For example:- there is an advertisement by siso hair colour, where the daughter is refusing to go to school with her father because he has white hair. The mother then instead of shouting at the daughter or explaining her offers her hair colour to her husband. This is the epitome of non sense.

The message sent by this ad is ‘ if your parents are ageing naturally, be ashamed of them’.

Since last two days, my social media timeline is flooded with images of people using Faceapp. This is an application, which lets you age a little and shows how you would look when you grown old.

According to my observation, for all the men all that it does is makes their hair, eyebrows and beard white. For the women, all it does is gives some more wrinkles but no white hair. So as per Artificial Intelligence, when men age they do not get wrinkles and when women age they do not get white hair.

So this time even the APP messed up royally. When Instagram was introduced a lot of people joined it only for the filters, because the filters made you look young and beautiful. Similarly, there are No number of Applications on Google Store and Apple Store, which can make you look beautiful.

Technology has shown us the future, but technology failed in helping us accept the present.

I am really happy seeing people using this APP and sharing their pics when they grow old. For me partially it shows acceptance of our flaws and old age.

After all we are meant to age gracefully and not artificially. Technology may give you flawless skin to defy ageing. But there are a lot of other factors that come along with ageing I. E. Deteriorating Health, Loneliness, Depression etc. If you really want to stay young then work on factors apart from your skin and physical appearance. It will help you to have a rocking old age.

Do let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section.

Thank you so much Jyothsna Sajeesh, Pooja Puthran and Anirudh Rajshekhar for sharing your pictures.

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