From Farming to Blogging

Parenting is a joint responsibility of both the parents. Yet only mothers are dominantly seen executing their part. Just like mothers fathers also have their own style of parenting and are more open to talk about the same today. Here is Mr. Sandeep Singh from Chandigarh, who is a Farmer and a Dad Blogger.

Can you tell us a bit about your family?

I am a farmer and my wife Aman Kaur is an IT professional. We are a Rare pair. We have a son Avraj.

What inclined you towards agriculture as a profession?

When my Father was unwell, I had to supervise our farms at Utharakhand. So it wasn’t kind of choice then. After a while I started enjoying farming. I just thought I would do something different. When I started doing farming, I realized I can do different things here too. We produce Sugarcane, Wheat, Paddy, Mustard, Green Peas.

We’re you working in corporate before you joined farming

I was working along with my friend, for about 3 years for a company that produces Tubewell and was going to start the same business. Unfortunately, my fathers health deteriorated and I had to switch careers.

How important is a father in a childs life?

Like for me, my father has always been my teacher. He gave me a good atmosphere , at home due to which I was always happy and had a content childhod. I feel that I first need to work on building a strong relationship with my child, so that we can be best friends and he can confide everything to me.

What is your daily routine with your child like? How many hours you spend exclusively with him

Actually my farm is in Uttarkhand so when I am at farm my son is back at home in Chandigarh.When I am back home,I try to spend most of the time with him. After his breakfast he plays with me then again around 4 pm he plays with me.When his mother comes around 7 pm he spends time with her …

I take a breakšŸ˜ because kids are never tired but we adults tend to get tired. His schedule will change this month,as he will start his playschool.

What do you think about fathers taking children at their workspace?Do you think taking your child to your farm and showing him how you work will have impact on his upbringing?

Definitely all fathers must do it. Children will have good impact. In his childhood he will learn to appreciate nature and mainly food for which we work so hard. He loves the tractors, open fields.He is excited everytime he visits here. We are in Chandigarh and we aim to give him good education. Once he completes his education he can decide what he wants to do.

Do you think parenting has changed over the years? Is there any difference between the relationship you shared with your dad and the relationship that you share with your son

Yes there is a difference. These days we can see fathers carrying kids and diaper bags,which I did not see earlier. Even i do not hesitate in taking up any parenting duties,like when there is no maid I sterilize baby bottles and utensils, change diaper, put him to bed, prepare his food. It’s no big deal, it’s called parenting.

It was our choice only to have a baby. Therefore , responsibility is ours too.I do it by choice.

Today a lot of men are shying away from parenting. What is your message to them?

My message to the fathers those who are shying away, you are not experiencing the most beautiful joy of your life.

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