How I read people like books

If given a choice between spending time between people and books. I would always select books at any given point of time. Probably that explains my clumsy social behavior and why I cannot socialise even today. Leave me in a sea of people and I will still find myself lonely but give me a book as a companion and my life will be complete.

As they say Do not judge a book by its cover, i try my level best to not judge people by their appearance. Yes. I do wait for them to open their mouth and speak a few words and already I have created an image of them in my mind. I know this is not the right way but some habits die hard.

I usually just randomly buy books and listen to my first instinct in order to decide if that book is worth my time. Similarly, I do not talk to a particular person just because others gave a good review about them. I just randomly select to talk to a person based on their body odour, application of perfume and shape of their nose before I talk to them. I know this is wierd but just as much as I love the fresh fragrance of a book similarly body odour of a person matters a lot to me. I don’t go around sniffing like a dog but yes excessive perfume just makes me want to puke around.

Now while reading a book I have this good/bad habit. While I was in my law college, I had read somewhere that in order to sharpen your memory you need to read faster. It is very difficult initially to remember but once you develop this habit, you can cover maximum syllabus through the same. If I am not wrong, I guess it was Competition Today or one of those IAS type magazines. I read really fast so sometimes a lot of people doubt if I am actually reading but it took me years to master this technique. This habit of mine helped me a lot during my practice days, where we had to read approximately 1000 pages in a few hours.

Just the way I read a book fast, I also tend to trust a person very fast. A lot of times I have also been in trouble because of that. I also have made certain checklist for people in my mind, which if ticked rightly, people earn my trust.Just like the index of a book. I also have an index in my mind for people.

The only difference being, I can never hate a book but I can dislike them. But with people I can hate them at any moment. I know some of you may say, hate is a strong word but sometimes my emotions are also that strong.

So do let me know how you read a person.

This Post has been written as part of the #BlognBookswithus Blog Train hosted by Kapila from Every Little Thing: Happiness and Kavita from Momtastic World. We are posting about books on our blogs. So hop on and enjoy reading these wonderful posts.

I am thankful to Anurag Singh for introducing me to this Blog Train and I would like to introduce this amazing writer Ankita Nimbekar to this Blog Train.

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