Is this for real!!!

Caution:- someone had posted this screenshot on FB from the group TCS Confessions. It was an anonymous post so the authenticity of the same is not known. However, I do not disagree with the content because I have personally seen such cases. Do have a look at this post before you read the article.

A lot of my friends are single and a lot of couples are know have consciously opted to not have children. They have their own reasons and I am happy for them. Then there are other lot, who have one child and are in two minds for the second child, considering various factors cost of living and health of the couple being the top most.

Having children should be the mutual decision of the couple only considering different factors such as health of the couple, finance, support system to an extent and most importantly desire of the couple. Factors such as necessity of a male heir or to save your marriage should not be considered.

While, I feel sad for his wife. I feel even more sad for this gentlemen and a lot of other men. If only we had taught them the basic skills of empathy and communication. I am not against a woman quitting a job and taking care of her family members but a woman who wants to work and take care of her house is not a vamp. Unlike earlier days, today couples meet, know each other before marriage yet they fail to discuss the important concept of having children and career of women. Marriage is a partnership where both the spouses take care of all the responsibilities jointly including to earn and to share daily chores. I don’t think it is gender specific.

If this gentleman had only spoken to his wife before marriage about his pre requisites in the marriage, then it would have saved a lot of misery for both. Unfortunately our society judges men equally, if he helps his wife he is laughed upon by his peers. This is not a single story, I am sure this is the story of millions of homes in India. That probably explains why a lot of girls today do not want to get married with NRIs and also probably the reason for increasing divorce rates.

In India we consider marriage as a sacrament, where decision of one person is the ultimate. It is high time that marriage is considered as a partnership.

A couple of days ago, I came across an article. I guess it’s the best that you read it yourself.

An open letter to the modern Son-in-Law

Do let me know what you think about the same.

Looking forward for your comments.

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  1. This post is wild! I can’t believe that it’s 2019 and people still think women need to stay home and take care of the kids.


    1. I have a corporate career for many years, and guess what – my happiness is at home! Nothing to be ashame of.


  2. I don’t think that I could be with someone who solely thought my job was to be in the home raising children and taking care of parents. I find that a women should be allowed to do whatever she please whether it be work or stay at home because it’s what she wants to do.


  3. wow – we are one of the ones who chose not to have children and reading this makes me glad we did!


  4. It is really important to have shared this article.Many people are still living in the old days and forgetting the position of a woman in the modern society.Women deserve to be treated equally and enjoy the same opportunities with men.


  5. It is important to have shared this article.Most people live in the old days forgetting the position of a woman in the modern society.They should be treated equally and enjoy the same opportunities like men


  6. It should always be a shared decision in a marriage on what roles each person will have. Going behind your spouses back is really immature & manipulative behavior.


  7. What an unfortunate situation. This is a prime example of the importance of communication. BEFORE marriage. It’s pretty arguable whether or not this guy actually loves his wife. I’m fortunate that I live in a society where I have gotten to choose my career AND pursue it, who I spend time with, who I have children with, IF I even want to have children and when. Nobody is happy in that situation.


  8. That was a really crazy read. I can’t believe he is sabotaging his wife from going after her accomplishments.


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