How I buy books to read

Books are my soul mate, my better half. Leave me in the company of books and feed me regularly, trust me that is my idea of an ideal date.

So how do I select my ideal soul mate?

I started reading fiction at the age of 22 before that I used to read only Autobiographies. For some strange reason I enjoyed the company of non-fiction because as per my parents buying story books was a waste of money. When I started my internship with a law firm, my ex-boss and colleagues were book lovers. Everyday during lunch our discussion would be around the topic of books. That was the first time I was a part of fiction group.

My office was at churchgate in Mumbai, near the High Court, my travel time was around 4 hours per day. I so miss those days. Music in my ears played on my Nokia phone and my favorite fiction books. Nothing could be better in my life. To kill time one day I visited a book seller across the street, this time instead on autobiography I selected the most favorite book of my friend Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Until then I had just heard about the book. Thus began my journey into the magical world of fiction.

At around 7 pm there was a book seller who used to come to sit near Churchgate Station. In the dark he would open his treasure and sell pre loved books for as low as 50 Rs. For an intern that was a cheap deal. I got addicted to fiction. So much so that I would read even while walking because I was curious to know what happened next. I know it’s dangerous but yes, I was crazy then.

My idea of reading a book is never go for best sellers. I would just read the gist of the book and then if the book made me curious enough I would buy it. I never read books just because a friend recommended it. The number of pages of a book did not matter to me, but the story telling matter a lot. I am not a grammar Nazi, that probably explains why I haven’t read Shakespeare and other classics yet. At any given point of time I would prefer an Indian Author to a foreign author because I find their stories and language more relateable, yetpppp my favorite author is Danielle Steel.

Autobiographies are my all time favorite and even today I would pick them over any other book. I also love anthologies because I can read more short stories in short span of time.

Yes, I have my own unique way of selecting a book to read. How do you select a book to read? Let me know in the comments section.

Thank you Parul Malhotra, from the trending diary for introducing me to this blog train. I would like to introduce Ankita Nimbekar from caring momma diaries. Do check out their amazing content.

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