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The relationship between women and kitchen is a very old one. Whether we like to cook or not, we are told cooking is a women’s job, just that it is unpaid monetarily but paid in kind.

So mommies do you want that apart from payment in kind, would you like to earn some money with your cooking. Then do check out Mommies Food. I had an opportunity to connect with the founders of the company and get an insight about their venture

Tell us about momies food?

Momies food is a platform, which provides home made food at your door step.Simultaneously,we are providing a platform to mothers to showcase their culinary skills and to monetise the same. We manage their Quality ,Promotion, Customer flow,Payments,Orders, Packaging, Delivery etc. So basically we are an extended hand for home chefs by providing them with operational and marketing support.

What was the idea behind this Venture?
The idea was to empower Indian women by giving opportunity to work from home. Along with providing healthy home made food wrapped with Mothers love to people who live away from home and missing home cooked food.
How can mothers enroll themselves?There is no selection process to register on momiesfood.com but there are few steps that they need to follow . They need to register themselves, provide the team with a sample food and then verification will be done by the team after you provide your documents.
An App will soon be available for the same.
Are there any registration charges ?
There is no charge to be onboard. We want to encourage and support Mompreneur to grow.
How will it benefits to mothers and other customers?
Now imagine, how beautiful it is. Daily a mother cooks food for her family, 3 times a day and on some days their favourite Savory. The same she can make in excess and then sell it through our app.
In metros there are no number of bachelors and spinsters who are away from their home, working couples who miss their maa k hath khana. It is a blessing for them.
How different you are from other in market?
This idea was conceptualized 2 years ago, when there was no such platform in market. A year later I just decided to implement it.We focus on quality, which is the biggest obstacle and simultaneously to ensure that our mothers make maximum profit.

Few women are selling homemade food through Facebook but there is a lot of gap between sellers and end consumers. We will fill in the gap by taking care of the operations part and also do marketing.

From which cities are you operating at present?
Presently, we are operating fromPune but we will soon be available throughout Maharashtra and North India (Delhi NCR and UP).

A brief about the founders

This Company is co found by Ashutosh Singh and Vishwa Deepak Singh, who formerly worked in Corporate. Their mothers are the reason they started this venture. During their childhood they saw how their mothers loved cooking but were unable to commercialize it because of lack of support at home and also in society. Therefore this young duo plans to change this scenario for the society.

How to contact them

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