Why I prefer books over movies

So many of our favourite classic books have been adapted as movies, tv series and web series. However, even today I prefer to read paper back books more than watching the same story in a visual medium. For some strange reason, when I flip across the new pages of a book, the fragnance literally seduces me. I have spent N number of hours sitting in the wierdest of positions to complete a book.

Books have always been my companion ever since I was a child. They always found space in my bag. Long travelling hours meant loads to read. A few years back when I was regularly travelling I carried both books and a phone full of movies. Yet I always chose to read over watching a movie.

From Shakespeare’s classic novels to Harry Potter series to R.K.Narayan’s Guide to Chetan Bhagat’s stupid novels all have been presented before us in a visual medium.Some books and movies both were a hit amongst the audience and some books and movies both failed miserably. Some times movies did well and the books did average sales in the market. After all, books and movies ultimately tell us a story about characters.

The main difference between books and movies is that while reading you can use your imagination and interpret a situation in multiple ways.Whereas while you are watching a movie, you are restricted to the directions vision about a story. I agree movies give us a beautiful visual delight but simultaneously books help us imagine those beautiful picturesque places. Books will describe the character of a person but movies will directly present the character in front of you to absorb.

The best part about movies is they tell you the entire story in 3 hours or sometimes more. To complete a book you may have to spend at least more than a couple of days. But you know what? I am happy to spend those few days reading, while in train, while eating, while sleeping on the bed. Reading a book just somehow magically takes me to a different world.

For example:- when I read the Harry Potter series, I actually travelled to Hogwarts with the characters but when I saw the movie I was just entertained for a few hours.

Visual medium may make you feel delighted but that feeling will last only for a few hours. I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice.When I saw the Indian Version of it, even disappointed seems a mild expression. Movies in their process of story telling delete a lot of characters from the original books. Sometimes even the deletion of a small characters has a huge impact on story because you already read it earlier. That is the reason why movies seem incomplete after you watch read the book.

Yes. I am a Xellenial, who loves to read and will probably prefer it more than watching a movie. Even if I watch a movie that is based on a book first, I would still go back and read the book later and again prefer to read the book.

For example:- I saw the movie Black Friday first and then bought the book by S. Hussain Zaidi.

So this is my version of loving books more than movies. What would you prefer, books or movies?

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