From Nowhere to Everwhere

Initial days of a startup

There is this message that is circulated over social media.

People will buy products sold by celebrities but will question the products sold by a startup made by their relatives or friends.

As much I could relate to the same, practically I realised the same is not true. When I started writing initially in my over excitement i would share my blogs to every contact on my phone. A couple of times I got reply on the same but later on there was silence.

When I was looking for encouragement and appreciation all I got was mockery and discouragement. Writing was equivalent to breathing for me, I decided to ask for feedback and started writing on those topics…

It frustrated me even more because then it was like writing for someone else.

One fine day I started writing just for myself. I would just share it for formality on my social media handles but share it in the relevant groups.

I write about parenting so my audience were the mom groups. Obviously someone who never liked a child is not going to read a post about how to potty train your child. When I started doing this I got the right audience. I got the right encouragement, appreciation and constructive feedback.

Subsequent to that, just completed a year with my first round of funding. Yes the first round of funding and now my inbox either has emails from brands, digital agencies or asking me to participate in competitions.

This did not happen overnight. The journey was tough and had multiple road blocks. Sometimes I would be so lonely that to take a decision I would select a chit because I had nobody to bounce off an idea. Sometimes I would talk to my self because I wanted desperately to be heard. What doesn’t break you makes you more stronger.

Years of legal practice came in handy. Just like how we would prepare the arguments that the opposite side was going to do first and then our own, I applied the same formula here. I would list down cons of a situation first and then sit down and find solution for the same. This would give me pros of the situation and also teach me how to handle the cons.

Instead of relying on your family and friends to buy your product, go outside and create a niche for yourself and sell it to the right audience/end user. It may seem tough in the beginning but later on the journey has less road blocks. After all you are creating a solution for the existing problem in the market and not for your friends and family.

For me time and words are precious and therefore I won’t make this blog anylonger. I am just happy that I could achieve what I dreamt of. Yes, my journey has just started and I still have miles to go before I sleep.

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