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How I read people like books

If given a choice between spending time between people and books. I would always select books at any given point of time. Probably that explains my clumsy social behavior and why I cannot socialise even today. Leave me in a sea of people and I will still find myself lonely but give me a book… Continue reading How I read people like books

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From Farming to Blogging

Parenting is a joint responsibility of both the parents. Yet only mothers are dominantly seen executing their part. Just like mothers fathers also have their own style of parenting and are more open to talk about the same today. Here is Mr. Sandeep Singh from Chandigarh, who is a Farmer and a Dad Blogger. Can… Continue reading From Farming to Blogging


Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage

One year down Today coffe's parents have come down to see her perform. Coffee would have never identified herself until she had met her sweetest parents and mixed with them just like how coffee, sugar and milk mix. Coffee never knew it would taste so nice and sweet before it met sugar and milk'. FOLLOW Aishwarya… Continue reading Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage


Is this for real!!!

Caution:- someone had posted this screenshot on FB from the group TCS Confessions. It was an anonymous post so the authenticity of the same is not known. However, I do not disagree with the content because I have personally seen such cases. Do have a look at this post before you read the article. A… Continue reading Is this for real!!!

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Earn while you cook

The relationship between women and kitchen is a very old one. Whether we like to cook or not, we are told cooking is a women's job, just that it is unpaid monetarily but paid in kind. So mommies do you want that apart from payment in kind, would you like to earn some money with… Continue reading Earn while you cook