Changing Definition of Marriage

Author’s Note: This Article is not written under the influence of 7 year itch.

They say, marriage is a big deal in any individual’s life. But, I consider marriage as just another phase, the way you switch your job and move on to another job, same is the concept of marriage, except that exit terms are bit more complicated in marriage. So why does a parenting website talk about marriage ? Because happy couples raise happy kids.

Off Late, we have come across a high rise in the number of Divorce cases and teenage substance abuse. Though it is not important that two are directly related but somewhere there is a relationship between the two. Children are highly influenced by their home environment during their growing up years.

Since ages, we have been told that our life should only revolve around that one person, we should live and die only for that one person, who is your spouse. There was a time, when men were the sole bread winners and women looked after their homes. Today times have changed, men and women, both are bread winners and both take care of their homes, but still there are certain roles or functions that we are still fixed in our minds.

When our expectations change with time, we fail to acknowledge it and that is what leads to divorce. For Example: If your spouse is going out with his friends, there is no hardcore rule that you cannot go out with your friends. If there is nobody to look after your kids, tag them along. Ladies, you work in an MNC, if you are independent enough to take decisions at your workplace, I suppose you are simultaneously, independent enough to select a restaurant to entertain yourself.

Gone are the times, when all the activities had to be done together by the couples. Today different people have different choices and different priorities. Without feeling guilty, about watching a movie with your spouse, go out and watch a movie alone for a change. It is important that you live as a happy individual.

It is important that an individual is happy. Today for a concept called as marriage to survive, it is important that two independent and happy individuals come together and not two inter-dependent individuals. The concept of marriage is changing and with changing times it is important that we also change.

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