Sometimes it is important that we mothers also pamper ourselves. Unfortunately, even today when a mother pampers herself, by doing some simple activity that she loves or has some me time, she is called names by the society. The society really has no other job than creating and implementing a moral code of conduct for women.

Motherhood even in the 21st century is tough and comes with its own set of challenges. Mothers are expected to be sacrificing even today but sometimes, all we crave for are those few moments. Hereunder are a few moments, which are luxury for a mother.

Running a hot shower without interruption

Eating without being interrupted.

5 precious minutes of gossip with your BFF without including any topics about your husband or kids

Dressing up as per your own mood and wish

Carrying a light bag

Getting work done in one set instruction to your husband and kids.

Regular visit to the spa.

Spare time for some exercise

To follow hobby without feeling guilty.

To travel alone.

To be clicked without being photo bombed.

To sleep peacefully just the way your husband and kids sleep.

To mentally breakdown and let go of your emotions.

To ask questions for a change.

Before I may offend someone, the above blog has to be taken with a pinch of salt. So relax and do comment on the space below.

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