When she arrived….

9 months of a bumpy ride finally came to an end on April 27,2019. My second pregnancy was no less than a surprise as with bad pcod my previous gynaecologist had almost suggested IVF. But sometimes, destiny overtakes science and blesses you with miracles.

Last September, when I came to my maiden house for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, I was almost 10 to 15 days up from my periods. I just randomly decided to check with a home pregnancy kit. Surprisingly Ganpati Bappa decided to bless me for the second time, when those two pink lines were seen. I was overjoyed. A couple of days later I met another doctor Who confirmed the same.

Thus began my 9 month journey the only difference was that this time it was not as smooth sailing as the previous one. The initial three months, I was a mess due to bad nausea. It was tough to keep anything in my stomach. Finally the relief came in my fourth month when I came home for diwali vacations and met my gynaecologist. I was at my parents home for 2 weeks, when I first met my baby during sonography. My maternal grandmother stayed with us during that time and was almost on her death bed. I went back to my matrimonial home and within few hours I received the news that she had passed away.

Since that night I suffered from insomnia. For a pregnant woman sleep is the most important thing but sleep seemed to have left my company forever. I somehow found out ways to deal with it. My son who was my strong pillar of support during this phase supported me. His innocent antics had forced me to wake up and do my chores. It was important that I survive this phase. Pregnancy hormones do take a toll on your health and body.

The month of January went smooth as i concentrated more on my work and thus peaceful nights came back. It was around mid February when I came to the hospital where I was doing my regular checkup was about to be shut down. We were scared. Somebody suggested a hospital right across the street. It was a small hospital and I had seen it for the first time. I asked my gynaecologist whom I was consulting earlier, and she gave me a thumbs up for this doctor.



w the second problem with my pregnancy was low haemoglobin count and excess weight. Even though I was on Iron Tablets my haemoglobin barely increased. With my earlier child birth being a C section. This time also it would be a planned C section and that too a couple of days before the due date.

On the previous day, when I went for my blood test, for haemoglobin and clotting test, we found out that my haemoglobin had further dropped downdown. The doctor had advised that we arrange for blood because there were chances of excess bleeding and I could not afford that at all. The doctors at the hospital were were very calm and patient and peaceful, which gave me confidence.

Though I am bold and outspoken, hospitals and child birth scare me like hell. When my elder son was born I wanted to run away from the OT but the Anesthesiologist managed to zone me out at the right time. Even this time, I wanted to do the same, however since morning I had been reciting Hanuman Chalisa, which gave me immense strength and I was less scared this time.

The best part of my second child birth was I was wide awake and I could talk unlike previous time when I was half zoned out and felt helpless, when I heard my son cry. I was happily chatting away until I realized that the doctors had already started stiching me up and the surgery was done. It’s only now that I realised that my child was born and I still didn’t know the gender.

When they told me it’s a girl, time stopped for me…

I wanted to cry with happiness,

I wanted to hold her at that right moment,

That moment I got every thing I wanted

I achieved Nirvana,

I wanted to see her with my husband and son

I did see them after sometime. I never wanted to talk so badly. Tell the world that I have a daughter.

The team of doctors at Om Sai Hospital, Vasai (East), under the leadership of Dr. B. D. Parsewekar took care of me and my daughter at everystep for those 5 days. It was only due to their right guidance and right post delivery care that even a C section seemed like a cake walk.

So all in all, thanks to everyone in my life that now I have a beautiful daughter….

P. S. Now that my elder son is born on my birthday and younger daughter is born on my wedding anniversary, my husband has a life long excuse of not giving me any gifts…. Pls do write down in the comment on how I can ask for gift on these two occasions.

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