Folding Game

(This blog is a part of the series I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda)

Doing laundry, the basic chore of any mother and knowingly or unknowingly takes up majority of the time. But the task is not limited to just washing clothes. Hereunder are the different stages of doing laundry:

Step One: Assemble all the clothes, which are presumably meant to be washed.

Step Two: Sort them according to color, their urgency to be washed, material of the dress etc. Etc.

Step 3: Wash the laundry in the washing machine

Step 4: Remove the freshly washed clothes and put them to hang dry

Step 5: Fold the same clothes and keep them in the cupboard.

Though it is just a matter of seconds that the clothes are collected in the laundry basket. IT sometimes feels like ages for the same clothes to be clean and go back to the cupboard. The special quality of the laundry basket in the house is that it seems to refill itself every time someone puts the clothes in the washing machine. Yes. My son does help me in putting the dirty laundry in the machine and drying the same.

Herein is the video of me doing the 30 second challenges to fold freshly washed clothes. This set of clothes included baby clothes, my sons clothes and my long tops, which may seem simple but are really tricky to fold sometimes.

Me folding the clothes.. Do write down in the comments section, how many clothes did I fold.

There is one task that I absolutely hate to do but is absolutely necessary and that is folding the laundry (apart from that I really hate ironing my clothes and that is probably the reason why you may find me in crumpled clothes a lot of time). It is how you fold and keep your clothes post washing, determines the long age of your clothes. It is absolutely important that you fold them neatly and keep them in their specified rack, this not only helps in hunting for your favourite t-shirt at the Nth hour.

If you fold your clothes neatly and as soon as you are done with your laundry, it also helps you save the efforts of ironing your clothes.

This is one film that has inspired me to teach my son household chores

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda

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