Helping hand in the Kitchen

(This blog is a part of the series ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda)

When we talk about chores in the kitchen, it is not only limited to cooking your meals for 4 times a day. It is important that you also do the pre and post cooking chores.

I recently came across a video, wherein a 5 year old was helping his mother do the dishes, in one of the face book groups that I am a part of. This video was met with a lot criticism by a lot of mothers, some were even unnecessarily nasty. I have always involved my son, in different household task that we do at home, apart from the task, which involve usage of sharp objects or fire or water.

Food is the basic need of every human being for survival. Being brought up in an environment, wherein men enter the kitchen to cook and to also do household chores, I wanted to pass on the legacy to my son also. Even though at his age (4 years), I do not expect him to cook a 5 course meal, but definitely there are some task that he can help me with.

The first thing that I taught him was to keep the dishes in the sink. Though this may seem to be a small mundane task, but if everyone just keeps their dishes in the kitchen sink post finishing his food. Keeping the plates in the kitchen itself helps in reducing a lot of chores for the women.

Besides, when you go to a party and there is a buffet, you never hesitate to take up your own plate and keep it in the waste when you are done. Then why do you hesitate to do the same at home? Why is it that rules are different when you are in public and when you are at home?

My son at present I feel is too young to wash his utensils, but in near future I will definitely teach him to at least wash and cleans his plate once he is done with his dinner. These task may seem mundane, but only once, the children start contributing to these small tasks at home, they will be responsible in future and be more mature.

At present, though I do not allow him to wash the utensils but one thing that I make him do is to wash and rinse the bottles with soap water. Yes, this task does take a lot of time, but he enjoys it and makes it a point to keep his bottles clean. Sometimes, small things matter a lot.

Being a mother of a son and daughter now….i can so relate to this film..

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda

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