When a new family member arrives

(This blog is a part of the series ‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda)

Last weekend, we welcomed a new family member, my daughter. Like every new mother, I was initially hesitant and scared on how my son would accept this new change. Till now, he was being pampered and literally owned everything in the house and now suddenly, he had to share his things. Touchwood, things were not as complicated as it seemed. He has slowly accepted his new sibling.

When a new family member arrives, we definitely need some new space in the wardrobe. Before I went to the hospital, I had cleared some space to keep the clothes of the new baby in the cupboard. The moment I arrived home, after 5 days of being hospitalised, my wardrobe looked like a tornado had been there. It got messy once again. As a toddler, my son has this habit of changing his clothes every now and then, considering it is summer time and he keeps playing out in the hot sun, even I prefer that he changes his tshirts atleast as much as he can.

So the first thing , that I literally did after coming home was to change and set up my wardrobe. It is important for me to first set it up because I need things handy, yes I am a messy person but only I can manage to find things from the mess that I created.

I had always let my son pick up his own clothes and therefore I knew that this mess was half created by him, when he was searching for his favourite tshirt. Therefore, I decided to involve my 4 and half year old toddler, to create some more space. Sometimes, involving him in a task also means double the work but at times, if luck favours me, I can get the same work done in no time.

I always ensure that whenever, my son helps me, in any task, no matter how small or big, he feels that there is a sense of achievement. So I first started by making him to simply sort his own tshirts, into which he would wear at home and which he would like to wear when he goes out, similarly with his trousers. Once, that task was completed, he was happy and felt a sense of achievement. For his age, I feel it is more important that he completes his own chores.

Irrespective of gender, I feel a person, should learn simple organisational task, by doing small chores like clearing their wardrobe or setting the same. No amount of professional degree can teach you certain basic existence skill set in life. Instead of considering any chore as that of a male and a female, it is important that we just do our chores for our own survival. I am now a mother of a son and a daughter. Tomorrow, they would be out in the world and I will not be with them always, it is important that they both learn how to survive.

Being a week old mother of a daughter and a working woman myself, I understand how small chores add upto your stress. By teaching my son, a few chores, he would not only be independent but will also appreciate the effort put in by the women in his life. Let us convert Sundays into Son days and make it relaxing for everyone in the truest sense !


Being a mother of a son and daughter I can easily relate to this film. Do have a look at it.


‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Arieland BlogAdda

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