Education Mafia – Wastage

Paper Waste other waste

(This article 2nd in series of article Educational Mafia, which talks about the tough educational circumstances in India)

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Apart from this, the new education system demands that children submit assignments and projects in schools. A lot of times, these projects are made by parents and in some cases even outsourced to certain professionals. The concept of having projects as a part of curriculum is a good idea but what they miss out is the children should be taught by the teachers to make these projects and assignments. It definitely plays no role in the development of the child, when these assignments are made by parents.

It is important that the schools schedule a special time once a week or once a month especially for these activities, instead of asking the parents to do the same. Most of the times, these assignments include, bringing stickers of famous leaders or by making charts of fruits or animals as per the theme, or making some craft articles using match sticks. This may seem easy to read, but most of the times, even such simple activities are done by parents. The children even despite making these projects barely understand the importance or significance of these projects, therefore it is of zero value to the development of the projects.

The main intention of the schools should be to introduce children to make them independent but unfortunately, in this project system, we end up making them more dependants and encourage the rote system even more. A lot of times, these projects end up either in the school dustbins or with the nearest junk yard. If the same projects were returned back to the students, they could either keep it as a memory or learn about the same in their free time or at least pass it on to the other students. The other alternative the schools could do was to recycle this paper and give back the same papers to their own students. Thus, it amounts to unnecessary waste of paper and other stationery materials simultaneously, wherein neither the students benefit for it and simultaneously burn a hole in the pocket of parents.

The world is now moving towards digitisation and we are yet to teach our children the basics of computers. Even if schools demand that the projects need to be computerised, they ask the students to hand over print out. These print outs again end up being kept by the school and end up in junk mostly. If the schools could use an alternative and ask children to email, these assignments to their respective teachers, it would help in reducing a lot of expense for the parents and students as well as saving the environment in return.

I am sure after this suggestion; a lot of comments would come up, on how e-waste is a bigger waste but it is also important that we teach our children to go ahead and be a part of the world that is developing. If schools wish then they can help in reducing a lot of paper waste and e-waste by adopting the right methodology.

Though the schools claim that their fees are all inclusive of other expenses, yet on the occasion of any annual day or other events, they never fail to charge exorbitant amount in the name of costumes.

The third article in the series is about the quality of education is reducing day by day.

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